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Do you need a technical integration development partner that has the expertise to implement your complex integration scope On Time - On Budget - and As Per Specification?  Look no further!  MethodFactory has the experience to guide you through the process of evaluating options to establish the best approach - based on your requirements.  It's a balancing act that requires knowledge that can only be gained through experience.  Whether you need to implement the native functionality of your WCM/eCommerce solution, assemble a collection of off-the-shelf components, or develop custom functionality, all of your systems need to share data.

MethodFactory is here to make sure that your technical development integration story has a happy ending. 

Microsoft Certified Partner

You need a partner that has the deep technical expertise to orchestrate complex integration between your various systems: Authentication, WCM, DAM, Social, eCommerce, ERP, Shipping, Tax,...  MethodFactory has the unique ability to take User Experience requirements and design (and then implement) the right solution to deliver optimal results.  We're certified  in the latest tools and technologies and with the backing of Microsoft Certified, you'll have the peace of mind to know it's done right.

Microsoft Certified Partner

The Right Tool for the Right Job

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System Integration brings processes and technical development together to deliver results.  Siloed data and disparate systems have proven to be cumbersome and problematic for many companies, causing fragmented, compromised data and wasting time and resources. 

When all you have is a hammer - everything looks like a nail.  Microsoft BizTalk might be what's called for, but it's often  much simpler than that.  Our certified integration specialists can help you make the right choice.

BizTalk - and Simpler Messaging

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 R2Microsoft BizTalk Server is an Integration solution designed to integrate diverse systems within and across organizations.  Many businesses have a multiplicity of technologies and systems that are required to run their daily operations.  Developing these technologies together seamlessly can transform your infrastructure and improve efficiencies on many levels.

The use of BizTalk helps you to:

  • Reduce costs and errors
  • Minimize the precarious impacts of change
  • Glean new perspective on business processes and performance
  • Create a more agile and manageable environment/infrastructure
  • Reduce or eliminate redundancy
  • Automate your business partner interactions

BizTalk is a mature product on its seventh release. The trusted System Integration Platform allows you to get more out the investments you’ve already made in discrete technologies.  BizTalk Server connects both proprietary and standards-based systems and pre-integrates with the .NET Framework - making it a central part of any SOA strategy. BizTalk’s agile and scalable platform accomplishes payment processing, supply chain visibility, multi-channel interactions and near real-time decision-support and reporting.

In addition to integration functionality, BizTalk provides:

  • Durable messaging
  • A rules engine
  • EDI connectivity
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • RFID capabilities
  • IBM Host/Mainframe connectivity

Our Integration Case Studies

ABC Fine Wine and Spirts

MethodFactory provided a solution for our current needs, significantly enhancing our customers’ online brand experience, while building into the infrastructure the ability to grow.

~ Bob Gibson, Director of Marketing, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits.

  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
Coleman Camping

MethodFactory helped The Coleman Company, Inc., international leader in outdoor products and gear, transition their web presence to the next generation using Commerce Server and Ektron CMS as their scalable foundation.

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Integration
Intertape Polymer Group

MethodFactory implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform for Intertape Polymer Group, giving the IPG staff the ability to manage the site’s content, using a product platform that they could build on. MethodFactory also graphically redesigned the site to better represent IPG with a more modern and user-friendly presentation, adding new, high-touch features and functionality.

  • WCM
  • Integration
  • SharePoint
  • Marketing