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Technical CMS Enablement

Are you looking for help reducing the technical risk of implementing new CMS functionality - or a new CMS platform?  Do you need a partner with demonstrated experience delivering On Time, On Budget, and On Specification?  Would you like to engage with a firm that can work seamlessly with your current agency and internal staff?  Well look no further.

MethodFactory's objective is to implement the Marketing Technology Solution(s) that best staisfy the requirements of our clients.  In many cases, that means that we're asked to provide end-to-end services (see our WCM SDLC).  But just as frequently, we're provided with a solution specification and asked to play the role of WCM (or eCommerce) technical implementation partner.  

Because our clients are by and large well established mid-market organizations, they often have existing relationships with other longstanding vendors (Interactive Agencies, ERP consultants, testers, hosting providers, and/or internal resources), so we're experienced working successfully in a multi-vendor environment.

Based on the development of an agreed upon project implementation plan, with appropriately defined roles, responsibilities, and dependencies, we're glad to play lead - or merely fill a supporting role.  And if you have gaps, we can introduce partners with whom we've successfully implemented solutions for other clients.

Please let us know how we can help leverage your existing vendor ecosystem to deliver optimal results.

Modern WCM

The evolution of traditional CMS (Sitecore, Ektron/EPiServer, Kentico, Sitefinity) or WCM to CXM (Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua) gives marketers the ability to engage with individual web visitors, by building and managing personas (user journeys), having ongoing dialogue with customers, talking to the prospect in the context of what you know about them, and having the analytics to provide measurable feedback about what is working and what isn’t, so that you can refine your strategy.

For external, public facing web spaces, ‘content’ has always been King, and now ‘context’ shares the throne. Content systems are changing, not only the rules, but the game, by helping companies market, position, engage and automate their communication with customers.

Web Content Marketing

Web Content Management Landscape

Web Content Marketing

Enterprise content systems include public facing web, membership based web, communities, and extranets.  Many of these systems also incorporate eCommerce..  MethodFactory understands that the objective is to deliver the most contextually relevant content to the intended audiences, and we have the technical experience to interface the disparate systems to make it happen. We have deep integration eperience with most of the leading ERPs, DAMs, marketing automation, and analytics solutions, which is not always the case with WCM providers that are more focused on creative/design.

.NET Content Management Options

MethodFactory is a technology focused web content management implementation firm with a unique awareness of the relative strengths of the leading mid-market systems.  We recognize that WCM, like all technology platform decisions, is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  Often times our clients have a predefined preference for one solution over another.  In addition to greenfield requirements, existing licensing, internal staff expertise, custom components, and integration considerations, all play a role in determining the most appropriate solution.  For that reason, MethodFactory has invested heavily in training, certification, and custom component development of the leading commercial Content Management Systems (Sitecore, Kentico, Ektron/EPiServer, Sitefinity, and SharePoint).

Let us know if you'd like help comparing/contrasting your options.


Context is no longer appreciated - it's expected.  Our job is to know, or use data-driven inferences to anticipate what a site visitor is looking for.  Even anonymous visitors telegraph what they're looking for.  We need to pick-up on the signs that enable us to speak with site visitors with maximum relevance.

One-size-fits-all is a thing of the past.  In the age of the customer, marketers must understand their audiences, and the unique decision journey associated with each.

MethodFactory is experience in the implementation of the leading .NET Web Content Management Systems, and can help you select the one that best suits your requirements - or optimize the one you already have.

Mobile Matters

Many e-commerce companies are now seeing between 20-45% of total site traffic coming from mobile devices. 

These aren’t edge cases either; the online retail industry has passed a significant tipping point, where mobile now accounts for 59% of time spent on US ecommerce sites.

Are you getting your share?

Mobile Computing

Mobilizing Web Experience

Mobile Computing

The mobile device medium has shifted the way consumers interact with businesses, and thus requires new technologies and strategies to deliver your message and create an experience suited for your mobile visitors.  It is estimated that the number of people browsing the web on their mobile device is increasing by 110% a year, and will it likely grow with new advances in technology.  Your job is to extend the web experience to your customers that are increasingly consuming their content while on the go.

Experience Analytics

Bounce rate, page views, unique sessions, time on site are all important.  But data points that lack context only tell part of the story.  MethodFactory has the experience to help you determine not only quantity, but also the quality of your site traffic.  Modern web experience analytics connect visitor activity with visitor engagement.  By knowing at which stage of the decision journey each site visitor is in, on an audience (persona) specific level, content can be easily delivered to advance conversion.


Our WCM Case Studies

ABC Fine Wine and Spirts

MethodFactory provided a solution for our current needs, significantly enhancing our customers’ online brand experience, while building into the infrastructure the ability to grow.

~ Bob Gibson, Director of Marketing, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits.

  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
Coleman Camping

MethodFactory helped The Coleman Company, Inc., international leader in outdoor products and gear, transition their web presence to the next generation using Commerce Server and Ektron CMS as their scalable foundation.

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Integration
Intertape Polymer Group

MethodFactory implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform for Intertape Polymer Group, giving the IPG staff the ability to manage the site’s content, using a product platform that they could build on. MethodFactory also graphically redesigned the site to better represent IPG with a more modern and user-friendly presentation, adding new, high-touch features and functionality.

  • WCM
  • Integration
  • SharePoint
  • Marketing

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