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Commerce Server CS07/09/11 Support

Are you looking for an experienced partner to support your existing Commerce Server platform?  Wondering about your options for upgrading your eCommerce system and leverage yourSitecore Commerce currentinvestment?  Look no further.  MethodFactory knows CS2002/07/09/10/11, Ascentium, Commerce Server .NET, and Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server (SCpbCS). We've been working with Commerce Server since its initial release and have the resources, tools, and experience to support your needs - whatever they may be.

Whether you are evaluating upgrade/migration options, or just need an experienced Microsoft Certified partner to keep your investment running, MethodFactory can help.  With more than 30 active Commerce Server sites under management, we're uniquely qualified to assist with the planning, maintenance, and execution of you e-commerce strategy.  We actively work with all aspects of your Commerce Server solution - Infrastructure, Security, Hosting, Performance Optimization, Functional Enhancements, Marketing, Merchandising, and Break-fix.

We've even built a suite of web-based tools, that can be implemented into your existing CS installation to simplify administration of the Microsoft 'Smart Tool' functions for your business users. 

Call us to arrange an introduction to the MethodFactory Commerce Server Managed Support portfolio.

Commerce Server CS07/09/11 Upgrades

Many organizations have mature high-functioning eCommerce systems, built on Microsoft’s Commerce Server.  If you’re unclear on the support options for your CS-based environment, or want an experienced partner to help you develop the most appropriate commerce roadmap for your organization, we can help.  Although MethodFactory has developed tools to streamline the migration from Commerce Server to Sitecore Commerce, we understand that selecting the ‘next’ eCommerce platform is not a decision that should be made without evaluating options.

Questions need to be answered,  like:

  •     What are my current and 3-4year eCommerce functional requirements?
  •     Is it time for a design refresh?
  •     How important is enterprise content management for my commerce enabled web properties?
  •     Are multisite/microsite considerations important?
  •     Does it make sense to evaluate hardware independent cloud hosting/management options?
  •     How much of the ongoing maintenance and support do I want to provide in-house?  
  •     Are my internal resources capable of supporting other systems?
  •     What benefits should an new platform deliver (incremental revenue, customer loyalty, client self-service, operational efficiencies)
  •     What migration and operating investments can be justified by a platform migration?

With answers to these initial questions we help frame options, including (CS11, Sitecore XM/XP, Kentico, uCommerce, Active Commerce Znode – or staying put with your current CS version).

Call us to arrange a discussion about your best path forward.

Commerce Server Admin Extender

Commerce Server eCommerce foundation includes a bevy of Smart Client administration tools to manage customers & orders, catalog & product, and marketing & discounting functions.  The Smart Tools, while technically functional, are often times not well received by non-technical end-users (Marketing, Product Management, Customer Service staff).   The Smart Tools also open up more access to the Commerce Server application than is typically desirable for non-technical end-users.

MethodFactory's Commerce Server Admin Extender

The Commerce Server (CS) Admin Extender is a flexible, easy to use web-based management tool for Commerce Server eCommerce administration.  The CS Admin Extender is used by Marketing, Product Management and Customer Service staff to perform daily tasks, in an environment that is conducive to how the business operates. Common management functions include:

  •     Product Management - marketing copy, product images, categorization, related products, product ratings, product variants, spec sheets, product video, etc.
  •     Customer Management - customer search (email, phone, etc.), profile update, password reset, etc.
  •     Order Management - order search (order #, date, etc.), view order status, shipment tracking, etc.
  •     Shopping Cart Management - cart search (by customer or based on users web session), cart view, cart management (take over user’s cart to complete order)
  •     Promotion Management - create discount offers (% off, $ off, buy xx get yy free, etc.), create coupons, manage promotions to customer segments and campaigns
  •     System Settings Management - system email copy management; 3rd party service access management (analytics, shipping, fraud management, etc.), user & role management, system messaging & alerting management
  •     Integration Manager - view status of online orders and whether they have been received by CRM/ERP system, integration error alerting & handling

A Better User Experience

The CS Admin Extender was designed to be personalized to match an organization’s business processes – configure the software to match the business; not the other way around.

Configuration profile based personalization includes management of the workspaces (tabs), user roles (access to workspaces), fields within workspaces and the graphical presentation of the application.

Custom business workflows can be inserted into the CS Admin Extender within any workspace.  Custom workflows can be orchestrated as a Windows Workflow Foundation event and then inserted where appropriate.

Active Directory based (single sign-on) authentication ensures that the logged-in user can see only what they’re supposed to see.  Roles and rights trimming are managed within the application.

Technical Considerations

The CS Admin Extender was developed to leverage the functionality strengths of Commerce Server.  The application uses the published Commerce Server APIs to ensure that the Commerce Server product upgrade path is not compromised.  The open architecture of the Admin Extender supports the integration of other eCommerce system functions within one central application.  Other business system integration consideration points could include:

  •     ERP system workspace
  •     CRM system workspace
  •     Digital asset management system workspace
  •     Enterprise search management workspace
  •     Affiliate management
  •     Analytics reporting

Catalog Manager

Online product and catalog management is a daunting challenge for any company. However, it must be successfully managed for your customers to successfully find the products that you sell. Commerce Server has an advanced Catalog Manager that integrates numerous solutions to answer these challenges, and just about every other situation or obstacle you may be currently encountering.

How will you list a product, but indicate to the customer that it comes in 6 different colors? What if you want to offer the same product in more than one catalog?

Here are some of the essential Commerce Server Catalog Manager tools that will ease the burden for any online catalog or product manager:

  •     Customer export of your catalogs in XML format
  •     Flexible product definitions
  •     Inventory integration
  •     Multiple catalogs
  •     Product relationships
  •     Customization options for product variation (i.e. size, and color)
  •     Unlimited number of relevant and searchable product categories
  •     Pre-selection inventory indicator
  •     Product linking providing alternate purchase suggestions
  •     Complete control over metadata, and product descriptions
  •     Scalable category listings
  •     SKU and price/cost information

When it comes to online product cataloging and purchasing follow through, Commerce Server has mastered the allowing you to master the process. By enabling your business with the flexibility to develop definable, cross-referenced product listings that are organized into end-user searchable categories, all of your catalog management issues will become smooth and integrated. You can rest assured that your customers will leave your site having been able to successfully find and purchase what they came looking for.

Catalog & Product Manager Example: When a customer is considering purchasing an item, they will also see a “linked” product ad appear on their screen. This is called an “alternate.” Because Commerce Server gives you control over which product this will be, you can generate extra sales on items the customer may have overlooked earlier through this linking ability.

Marketing Manager

Commerce Server Marketing Manager allows marketers to create and customize marketing initiatives and put valuable customer data at your fingertips for maximum results and a high return on investment.

Have you ever wanted to drive your customers' buying decisions based on what you know they will like?  Do you want to control exactly who sees what message and when?
Here are some of the essential Commerce Server Marketing Manager tools that will ease the burden for any marketing manager:

  •     Use targeted merchandising to reach your customers
  •     Manage content – what it says, when it’s delivered and who it’s sent to
  •     Create a broad spectrum of ad campaigns
  •     Generate and validate discounts, coupons, and promotions, including code authentication
  •     Create professional and effective e-mail marketing campaigns
  •     Generate successful direct mail campaigns
  •     Adjust site and page templates
  •     Use new Channel Configuration process to quickly create event specific sites
  •     Access Web analytics for assessing and refining your marketing efforts

Customer and Order Manager

MethodFactory's Customer & Order Manager makes it easy to collect and manage information related to customer service and order fulfillment. It includes features such as: 1-click ordering, guest checkout, member checkout, multi-cart, recurring orders, etc. CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) will appreciate the various applications like quick order, customer search, ability to take over a customer’s cart, and more…making their job more efficient and improving the customer’s experience.

Here are some of the essential Commerce Server 2009 Customer & Order Manager tools that will ease the burden for any customer service representative:

  •     Managing Orders - Record customer orders made via the shopping basket and check-out systems and store them in a database. View the properties and details of all past orders so customers and order information can be organized and managed seamlessly.
  •     Managing Baskets - Search your Commerce Server database for existing order information, delete saved baskets that are no longer being used, view and track all items in your customer’s shopping basket - not just at checkout, but throughout their shopping process.
  •     Managing Payment Methods - Identify the various payment method types that your customers can use to pay for the services/items they purchase on your website. Create, modify, enable or disable payment methods on demand.
  •     Managing Shipping Methods - View, create, modify, enable or disable the various shipping methods customers can use to have their items shipped to them.
  •     Managing Profiles - Create and edit customer profiles. Collect detailed information about the users who visit your website and how they use it, including detailed user demographics. Use profiles to analyze user data and to target content to users.
  •     Managing Site Terms - Define your own site terms – a set of valid values or ‘fields’ the user provides information for, such as ‘Gender.’ View, create and edit site terms and have the ability to export data to another location.

Customer & Order Manager Example: Track a customer’s order anywhere in the order process by using order status codes. This enables a CSR to identify if/where a customer is having problems with their order going through.

Our eCommerce Case Studies

Chaparral Motorsports

"MethodFactory has been a great partner to Chaparral Motorsports. The recent implementation of Microsoft Commerce Sever 2009 delivered cutting-edge eCommerce functionality to take our online sales, service, and business operations to new heights.”

~Crystal Ashby, Marketing Director, Chaparral Motorsports

  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Integration
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
Coleman Camping

MethodFactory helped The Coleman Company, Inc., international leader in outdoor products and gear, transition their web presence to the next generation using Commerce Server and Ektron CMS as their scalable foundation.

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Integration

International baby care company, renowned for its developmentally appropriate and innovative products, partnered with MethodFactory to birth a new commerce site - complete with improved user functionality, back-end management and multi-system integration.

  • Commerce
  • Managed Hosting

Quickie, the leading supplier and distributor of innovative cleaning tools and supplies, came to MethodFactory eager to move away from their old, antiquated site to a new, modern site that better represented their brand, one that offered an easy to maintain product catalog and content management that could be scalable.

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Marketing

MethodFactory helps the legendary Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc., transition their web presence to the next generation using Microsoft Commerce Server and Ektron CMS as a foundation to grow with. Rawlings is now able to offer their web visitors and online shoppers an interactive experience on par with the brand's stellar reputation. ​

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Integration
  • Marketing

MethodFactory added numerous enhancements to that would improve the user experience as well as aid in the internal management of the site and increase conversions and overall site success.

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Integration

“MethodFactory delivered a quick-time-to-market, no-nonsense eCommerce solution that gave us extensive phase-1 functionality and extensibility to add additional features as our needs evolve. Our return on investment considerations included benefits derived from significant increases in sales, staff efficiency, and customer/member satisfaction and loyalty.”

~ Kirk James, Director of Information Technology, National 4-H Council

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Integration
Coleman Austraila

Coleman Australia was interested in implementing the same type of online presence with similar functionality and using MethodFactory’s Site Builder, which would allow them to spin up a site clone for less cost and in a faster turn-around time.

  • Commerce
  • Integration

Coleman Canada Coleman Canada is the latest in a series of site releases for subsidiaries of Coleman global, thanks to MethodFactory’s Prescriptive Architecture, which gives business units (country and/or brand specific) the ability to consolidate, update and refresh their websites efficiently and effectively.

  • Commerce
  • Integration
  • Managed Hosting

“There were many considerations that were factored into the implementation of our enterprise-wide eCommerce initiative. We selected MethodFactory based on their extensive experience with Microsoft Commerce Server and their ability to create a clear vision for delivering our online strategy.”

~Alvin Chen, Director of IT, IDEC

  • Commerce
  • Integration

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