SharePoint Workflows

A workflow does just what the name infers; it helps make work flow, by implementing business processes that help people manage documents and collaborate on projects within a Microsoft SharePoint Server site.  Workflows help organizations work more productively, efficiently, and consistently, while helping to eliminate duplication and errors.  Workflows are set up with specific tasks and steps that must be met before a user can move onto the next step in the process, thus allowing them to concentrate on their work rather than managing the process around the work.

SharePoint Workflows let you take control of your business processes through automation, resulting in both quantitative and qualitative results, such as:

  • Savings in time and money
  • Reduction of errors
  • Reinforcement of consistency
  • Improvement process visibility/accountability:  reporting & exception alerting
  • Decrease complexity for end users.  Users can be directed to their own tasks and the workflow can enforce input validation

Workflows are consistently driven off of validation; a complete set of information /criteria that needs to be passed before advancing forward.  This ensures consistency and mitigates mistakes.

Most companies can make valuable use of SharePoint Workflows - from employee onboarding to expense reimbursement and contract processing.  There are endless opportunities to create a flow around the work to make things run smoother.  In addition, all of the data in a workflow can be tracked - such as tasks, task status, any changes in activities, etc.  For example if there is a 17-step process around an RFP, every step can be validated and tracked.

The workflow management options that can be used within SharePoint are:

SharePoint Designer Workflows

  • Build 'standard' workflows using SP Designer 2012.  Associate workflows with SharePoint lists & Libraries

Custom​ Visual Studio Workflows

  • For scripting of advanced workflows

Infopath Workflows​​

  • Form templates that indicate status of workflow steps

Third Party Enterprise Workflow Applications

  • K2 Blackpoint
  • Nintex
  • Bamboo workflow conductor

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Our Microsoft Case Studies

Here are some of our case studies for Microsoft .

City of Indianapolis

City of Indianapolis MethodFactory implemented Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, empowering all of the IndyGov departments and agencies to self-manage their own content and deliver it in a timely fashion through an intranet that supports all seven sites.’s team was given on-site training.

  • SharePoint
  • Integration
DH Elliot

MethodFactory, a certified SDPS partner, suggested that DH Elliot use SharePoint Planning vouchers - earned by purchasing Microsoft Software Assurance, to jumpstart the technical planning process. Upon completion of the initial Microsoft funded high-level functional overview, DH Elliot engaged with MethodFactory for in-depth technical planning.​

  • SharePoint
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit

MethodFactory implemented Microsoft SharePoint and provided the architecture design for the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, working with HART’s IT department to determine the number of servers they would need, set them up and configure them. This resulted in network architecture that not only accommodates current users, but affords HART the ability to grow its intranet as the organization’s needs change and the volume of users increases.

  • SharePoint
Montgomery County Alabama

“MethodFactory has been a pleasure to work with. From design and planning, to development, deployment, and support, they took the time to understand our requirements and implement the Sharepoint solution we had envisioned. We would definitely recommend MethodFactory to any local government looking for help implementing Sharepoint in their enterprise.”

~Lou Ialacci
Montgomery County, Alabama
Information Systems Director

  • SharePoint
Pinellas County

Pinellas County JWB needed a system that would improve their process of administering finances/aid to organizations within Pinellas County that serve the welfare of children and families. MethodFactory created a custom workflow in SharePoint that would allow Pinellas County JWB to standardize and automate their process of allocating funds to various agencies.

  • SharePoint
Southeastern Guide Dogs

Southeastern Guide Dogs (SGD) has a sizeable operation with many components and needed an intranet platform that would fully integrate all aspects of their organization. MethodFactory's SharePoint Intranet Accelerator was the right solution: an out-of-the-box, feature-rich offering that covers implementation, design, organization and allows for a quick launch.

  • SharePoint

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