SharePoint Mission Rescue

What to do when a SharePoint project goes bad…

Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • We struggle with user adoption since launching our SharePoint project.
  • Our SharePoint implementation is plagued with lots of irritating usability quirks and the help desk is getting flooded with tickets.
  • Nobody likes the way the intranet looks.  Why can’t it look like our public website?
  • Performance is very poor and the database seems like it’s much larger than I’d expect.
  • People are standing up team sites all over the place.  There’s no structure to our intranet anymore.  I don’t know where to go to find anything.

There may come a time when a technology deployment mission either goes awry or simply isn’t moving forward, and you need to call in the experts to get you back on track. There is no shame in this.  You may be one of the many companies who made a sizeable investment in Microsoft SharePoint with your intentions as clear as day, but found yourself weeks, months or maybe a year later, stuck when it comes to knowing how to use it.

You are not alone.  SharePoint is not a one-size-fits all solution, but when implemented properly, can fit like a glove.  This takes thorough planning and proper execution.  That is where we come in.

Whether you are almost there, part of the way there, or not there at all, we can take you all the way.  We can help get your SharePoint platform in place so that it can be leveraged as the empowering tool it was meant to be.

MethodFactory is in the business of understanding your business.  We help you leverage the technology you’ve implemented so you can accomplish your defined goals and evolve from there.  We are not interested in putting band aids on what isn’t working, but rather getting to the root of the problem so that your foundation is a solid one.

How we can help get your project back on track

  • Architectural audit:  Does the implementation follow best practice.  Can it be reliably built on.  Are there any low hanging fruit related to performance and capacity planning.
  • Taxonomy audit:  Is the site organized to most efficiently serve the business needs.  Are the appropriate out-of-box features being used to ensure that the concept of findability is optimized.
  • Governance audit:  Are the necessary controls, document and training in place to ensure that the site can be maintained and built upon.
  • Custom documentation and training
  • On-going mentoring

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Our Microsoft Case Studies

Here are some of our case studies for Microsoft .

City of Indianapolis

City of Indianapolis MethodFactory implemented Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, empowering all of the IndyGov departments and agencies to self-manage their own content and deliver it in a timely fashion through an intranet that supports all seven sites.’s team was given on-site training.

  • SharePoint
  • Integration
DH Elliot

MethodFactory, a certified SDPS partner, suggested that DH Elliot use SharePoint Planning vouchers - earned by purchasing Microsoft Software Assurance, to jumpstart the technical planning process. Upon completion of the initial Microsoft funded high-level functional overview, DH Elliot engaged with MethodFactory for in-depth technical planning.​

  • SharePoint
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit

MethodFactory implemented Microsoft SharePoint and provided the architecture design for the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, working with HART’s IT department to determine the number of servers they would need, set them up and configure them. This resulted in network architecture that not only accommodates current users, but affords HART the ability to grow its intranet as the organization’s needs change and the volume of users increases.

  • SharePoint
Montgomery County Alabama

“MethodFactory has been a pleasure to work with. From design and planning, to development, deployment, and support, they took the time to understand our requirements and implement the Sharepoint solution we had envisioned. We would definitely recommend MethodFactory to any local government looking for help implementing Sharepoint in their enterprise.”

~Lou Ialacci
Montgomery County, Alabama
Information Systems Director

  • SharePoint
Pinellas County

Pinellas County JWB needed a system that would improve their process of administering finances/aid to organizations within Pinellas County that serve the welfare of children and families. MethodFactory created a custom workflow in SharePoint that would allow Pinellas County JWB to standardize and automate their process of allocating funds to various agencies.

  • SharePoint
Southeastern Guide Dogs

Southeastern Guide Dogs (SGD) has a sizeable operation with many components and needed an intranet platform that would fully integrate all aspects of their organization. MethodFactory's SharePoint Intranet Accelerator was the right solution: an out-of-the-box, feature-rich offering that covers implementation, design, organization and allows for a quick launch.

  • SharePoint

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