Kentico 10 - Integrated WCM, eCommerce and Marketing Automation

Kentico 10 is the latest release of our ASP.NET CMS platform. With a ton of out-of-the-box features, combined with our API, Kentico is the affordable and extendable choice for all your web development projects, no matter the size or audience.

If you're frustrated with combining a collection of independent CMS, eCommerce, and Marketing Automation components to achieve your digital marketing objectives, you should take a closer look at Kentico 9.  Kentico is the only all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform built to avoid the frustrations of dealing with multiple third-party systems. 

MethodFactory understands that mid-market organizations need more efficient ways of leveraging the web to provide a more tightly integrated web experience.  Read more about our Enterprise Kentico Implementation Experience...

Dramatically transform your customers’ journeys with Kentico’s rich selection of out-of-the-box features and full set of integrated solutions. And now, with Integrated Campaign Management and even faster website development possibilities, Kentico 10 lets you run highly optimized campaigns and deliver exceptional customer experiences, all from one location.

What's New in Kentico 10?

The All-in-one Platform


Tired of forcing disparate systems to work together? Stress no more. Kentico is the only fully-integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform that gives you the freedom to concentrate on creating cutting-edge websites. Fully optimize the customer journey without having to manage multiple systems.


Cross-site Contact Profile


We know how important it is for you to understand your customers and give them exactly what they're looking for. So, in Kentico 10, we’ve introduced Cross-site Contact Profiles to share relevant data across web properties. By allowing you to see all user interactions, we provide you with a complete view of customers’ activities.



Email Campaigns

Kentico_10_Email_CampaignsSubscriber lists change, we understand. In Kentico 10, no longer are you chained into creating newsletters for an entire contact group—you can create a new ad-hoc Email Campaign and quickly send it to contacts or contact groups. Additionally, Kentico 10 assigns each contact an email marketing status for an easier overview of data in your database.


Web Forms and MVC Development

Kentico_10_MVCEveryone likes to have options, right? That’s why, with Kentico, you have the power to develop the way you want. With support for both Web Forms and MVC development across the board, Kentico 10 helps you really take control of your web development process. Enjoy!


10x Capability and Speed

Kentico_10_10x_PerformanceEver-increasing amounts of information are changing the game. With the ability to handle more than 100 million contacts and 1 billion activities, Kentico 10 can tackle any project, big or small. And it’s not just the scalability; you'll also be amazed by the speed—50% faster load and response times.



Email Marketing Dashboard

Kentico_10_eMail_DashboardsWith an abundance of data comes an abundance of headaches. So how do you make sense of it all? Using advanced Power BI capabilities, Kentico now gives users everything they need to get the most out of their email marketing insights all on one interactive, customizable, user-friendly dashboard.


Relevant Case Studies

Here are some sample case studies.


"They walked us through each step and put a team in place that took care of everything from web design, logo, marketing and expertise in sales. A full branding company under one roof is an amazing experience. And the best thing is that their discipline and work is motivated by their desire to see our company truly succeed."

~Michael and Kristina, Cokaó Chocolate

  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
Coleman Camping

MethodFactory helped The Coleman Company, Inc., international leader in outdoor products and gear, transition their web presence to the next generation using Commerce Server and Ektron CMS as their scalable foundation.

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Integration

Quickie, the leading supplier and distributor of innovative cleaning tools and supplies, came to MethodFactory eager to move away from their old, antiquated site to a new, modern site that better represented their brand, one that offered an easy to maintain product catalog and content management that could be scalable.

  • Commerce
  • WCM
  • Managed Hosting
  • Marketing
Summer Infant

Summer Infant engaged with MethodFactory because of its deep expertise in Kentico solution architecture, upgrades, and eCommerce. MethodFactory first performed a system audit to assess and critical issues that were impeding the launch, and then worked with the Summer Infant infrastructure and Marketing teams to upgrade the legacy Kentico 6.5 solution to 8.2 and implement a mobile friendly UI.​

  • Commerce
  • Integration
  • WCM

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