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MethodFactory implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform for Intertape Polymer Group, giving the IPG staff the ability to manage the site’s content, using a product platform that they could build on. MethodFactory also graphically redesigned the site to better represent IPG with a more modern and user-friendly presentation, adding new, high-touch features and functionality.

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About IPG

Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (IPG) is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture and sale of a variety of paper and film based pressure sensitive and water activated tapes, polyethylene and specialized polyolefin films, woven coated fabrics, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), and complementary packaging systems for industrial and retail use. Its performance products, including tapes and cloths, are designed for demanding aerospace, automotive and industrial applications and are sold to a broad range of industry/specialty distributors, retail stores and large end-users in diverse industries.

Business Challenge

IPG has been a long-time client of MethodFactory. Seven years ago, MethodFactory developed a website for IPG in SharePoint. It was a traditional informational website that served as an online brochure for their products. The site accomplished what IPG set out to do back when the web was a very different animal.  Of course, as technology ages, it becomes increasingly more difficult to use. The design becomes dated and it’s not able to accomplish what the changing marketplace demands. Overall, it loses its relevance and misses the mark.

IPG realized it was time to re-invest in their website and update their public web presence by making use of modern customer experience management (CXM) functionality. IPG wanted a multi-year roadmap that would serve beyond this project and include their product catalog and later integrate their B2B portal site as well. They asked MethodFactory for their recommendation on how to best approach this.

MethodFactory helped IPG clearly define measurable goals for the new site, so they came up with metrics for things they wanted to see change within the first 12 months of the site re-launch.  These goals reflect both an increase in site activity and an increase in customer engagement. 

In general terms, IPG wanted to expand their reach, and deepen the engagement with those they reached. This requires a better platform, and well-organized content, making it easier for people to spend more time on the site. MethodFactory challenged IPG to significantly increase their focus on web content – targeting IPG’s message to the site visitor in the context of the persona (customer segment) of the visitor.  This requires robust web marketing capabilities that can be used and understood by marketing staff and product line managers, rather than just the IT personnel.

IPG also recognized the importance of incorporating search and responsive design for mobile users. These two factors alone are indicators of a modern web presence and have proven to increase conversions in just about every industry. But like everything in technology, it has to be done right.

IPG also serves an international market and needs multilingual capabilities, which is especially important for their presence in Canada where it is required of them to offer the site in French.

Overall, IPG was ready to embrace modern web technologies that accommodate their customers’ needs, and ultimately accomplish the larger goals.


After working with IPG on their goals and projected outcomes, MethodFactory designed a roadmap for a single platform system that houses their new public website and may later include their B2B purchasing portal.

Built on Sitecore 7.2, the single platform system is both product and market-centric. IPG is now leveraging Sitecore’s out-of-the-box functionality, including Web Content Management (WCM) for templates, fully responsive/adaptive web capabilities for mobile and the Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) for the plethora of customer engagement tools.  IPG is employing the DMS for:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Measuring engagement value – a numeric score that tracks and ranks the activities and engagement values of visitors
  • Multivariate testing for its calls to action
  • Content targeting to visitors by location/geography
  • Multi-lingual variations of the site including French and German, with other languages to be added later.
The information architecture is designed to support technology that captures valuable information about the visitors. For example, IPG associate site visitors with a pre-defined market segment persona based on visit insights and their on-site click behavior.  From there they can begin implicit personalization – targeting content based on general information. As they gather more explicit information through more, in-depth engagement, IPG can start delivering even more personalized and targeted content, so that the visitors’ encounter with the site becomes increasingly relevant.

As another key step in the roadmap, the new site is designed to be Sitecore Commerce ready.  The roadmap calls for the B2B product catalog, which is built on Commerce Server 09, to migrate to the new Sitecore Commerce solution.  To accommodate that future-phase requirement the public web product catalog was architected to match the product structure of Commerce Server 09.  It’s ‘Sitecore Commerce Ready’.

The roadmap lays out a phased approach, which takes a logical sequence of functional enhancements to the eCommerce web content management platform, and builds continually on top of previous projects. Starting with newly launched public web, followed by catalog enablement with Sitecore Commerce, and then rolling in the B2B functionality. MethodFactory work with IPG staff on marketing strategies throughout the phases.

The IPG Home page includes a unique presentation that dynamically changes based on the product family selection.  This presentation was developed as a single page application (SPA) using Angular.  This client-side presentation technology was also used to drive the product summary filtering and display.  The technology enables very quick, no-click product filtering. 

IPG uses the Lucene enterprise search engine with full faceted/filtered search to help guide visitors to exact products via a set of attributes. And the Contact forms on the site integrate with Dynamic CRM, so that a product inquiry registers as a goal inside of Sitecore and in-turn registers as a lead inside Dynamic CRM – passing along valuable customer information so sales staff can follow up with them.

IPG’s Investor Relations section uses built-in workflows that allow the IR staff to quickly and efficiently upload a filings and flag them based on content type, such as a press release, report or fact sheet. This tagging gets passed along so the information can get properly ordered and organized within the IR section.

The new site’s performance is already dramatically better and faster. The new look, functionality and marketing capabilities will prove it to be the customer engagement tool IPG set out for it to be, as it prepares to integrate its products into CS 11 and integrate with its B2B purchasing portal in the coming phases - on one single, scalable platform.

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