ABC Fine Wine and Spirts

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

MethodFactory implemented Ektron CMS for the largest independent retailer of fine wine and spirits in the United States. The new web presence better represents the brand, and gives ABC Fine Wine & Spirits’ staff the ability to manage and grow content and cross market with their more than 140 store locations.

Company Background

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is the largest independent retailer of wine and spirits in the United States.  Founded in 1936 by Jack Holloway in Orlando, Florida, “ABC Liquors” was incorporated in 1950.  In the late 1980s, they expanded from central Florida into the northern part of the peninsula with the purchase of Jax Liquors.  In the early 1990s ABC Liquors began using the name ABC Fine Wine & Spirits in some of its larger locations to highlight the expanded wine selection.

ABC Fine Wines & Spirits has always been and remains family owned and operated.  With selected locations and carefully managed growth, the chain now has more than 140 stores that span the Florida peninsula; from Tallahassee and Jacksonville, to Naples and Miami.  Committed to providing the best overall shopping experience possible, ABC carries a wide selection of gourmet foods, including cheeses, chocolates and snack items, ideal for gifts, parties, or personal enjoyment and even offers same day delivery in many cities. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits prides themselves on having “the best products, the best service and the best prices,” always keeping customers at the center of their operations.

Business Challenge

ABC’s previous website became outdated and was no longer serving the company needs or the needs of their customers.  Their content management capabilities were limited, making it difficult to evolve the website as the company grew.  They needed a platform they could build on, not one that hindered their growth.

A new design was also in order; one which would better represent their brand and tie into offline brand standards and marketing initiatives.  They were also looking to successfully integrate the website with the physical stores and use it as a tool to promote their prominent customer loyalty program.

ABC decided to implement a 2-year digital roadmap strategy to reach their goals; the first phase of the strategy would require a solid, scalable, modern enterprise level content management foundation as well as graphic design that would support their brand and improve the customer experience.

Business Solution

MethodFactory collaborated with ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and their creative agency partner, Fry Hammond Barr, to develop a web presence that would better represent the brand and enable ABC’s staff to push relevant content to existing and new customers via the website.

MethodFactory implemented Ektron as the scalable content management platform.  The Ektron implementation includes the use of a number of different “Smart Forms,” making it very easy for non-technical staff to populate content like images, titles, links, text, etc., without impacting the formatting and design.  With Ektron CMS, content can be targeted to customers based on the intelligence collected about them and their preferences.  This kind of content personalization includes recommendations, wine reviews, etc., and can also be delivered via mobile devices.

The new website serves as a marketing and communications conduit to the over 150 brick and mortar stores.  The new graphic design of the site, combined with flexible content management, allows ABC to cohesively tie their website into offline marketing efforts such as direct mailers, fliers, coupons/discounts and events.

ABC’s new website makes use of a variety of Ektron widgets, including an events calendar with new usability enhancements, like filtering by event topics and other criteria.  MethodFactory helped create a number of custom widgets including a home page events display that pulls from the calendar, showing upcoming events by closest date.  They also built a custom store finder to help visitors find the nearest ABC location to drive foot traffic to the stores.

Part of this phase one implementation includes a number of different sign up and registration forms from which the content is captured inside of Ektron and able to be exported.  This will later integrate directly into ABC’s back office system, containing all of the member information – better streamlining communications and improving sales and marketing efforts.

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