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MethodFactory added numerous enhancements to WorthSports.com that would improve the user experience as well as aid in the internal management of the site and increase conversions and overall site success.

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Company Background

Worth Sports® is a pinnacle manufacturer of fastpitch and slowpitch softball equipment. Reflected in the company’s more than 100 years of technological innovation, Worth’s bats, gloves and balls are considered market leaders in the industry.  As an on-field authentic brand, Worth is the official softball of the NCAA®, official supplier of the NAIA®, official helmet of National Pro Fastpitch™, and the official softball of several associations such as Amateur Softball Association® and United States Specialty Sports Association®.

Business Challenge 

Worth is a consumer brand under Jarden Team Sports. They wanted to make enhancements to their website that would mirror those of their sister sites, Rawlings and Miken, with a main objective to make the shopping experience as personalized and enjoyable as possible. Their goal was to be able to guide shoppers to the exact products they’re looking for, as well as make site management more accessible and efficient for Worth staff.

Worth customizes select products and wanted their customers to participate in the process as an interactive shopping experience, one where the customer could help create their glove by choosing attributes like the color of the stitching, flags, and name/letter etching.

Worth also wanted to find a creative and effective way to sell off inventory of product overages and discontinued items; one that could be controlled and easily managed by them.

Worth also wanted to employ a way to ‘win back’ customers who changed their minds in the middle of the buying process, and offer assistance where needed. Ease of payment and secure payment were also on the agenda; to give customers both a better experience and peace of mind.

Like their sister sites, Rawlings and Miken, Worth needed a commerce system that would integrate with their ERP system so that orders could be processed smoothly and accurately. It was clear, Worth needed a platform that would enhance the user experience and streamline online operations in tandem.


MethodFactory added numerous enhancements to shop.worthsports.com that improve the user experience as well as aid in the internal management of the site, as well as increase conversions and overall site success.

Personalization and customization of selected products is available to shoppers, so, for example, a customer who buys a custom glove can choose the color of stitching, have the name engraved, add a flag, etc. The personalized elements get pushed to the cart order so that customers can see the results of the personalization before they buy. The order and the custom attributes then get passed onto the ERP system and ties back to the order.

The new built-in, product specific add-ons display products related to the ones in the customer’s cart, like accessories, glove cleaner, oil, etc. This feature serves as a convenience for the shopper and more selling opportunity for Worth.

Improvements to the product filters allow for more detailed filtering by product attributes like color, size, glove type, stitching, etc., to help guide shoppers to exactly what they are looking for, with ‘on-click’ updates - meaning the product automatically updates as the various selections are being made, in real-time - like what people are accustomed to experiencing on large scale commerce sites like Amazon.com.

Back order functionality was also added to allow the shopper to be able to see that a particular item is on back order. Instead of receiving a message saying “We’re out” or the item simply not showing, they are given the option to add the back-ordered item to the cart anyway and wait for it to come in.

MethodFactory developed a “Deal of the Day” template that would allow Worth to create a schedule of daily deals – deeply discounted products that include free shipping. A timer on the page counts down how much time is left until the deal expires and displays how many of the daily deal items are left. A back-end management panel allows the merchandiser to schedule the Deal of the Day in advance and pre-load the products.

One of the new features is the addition of PayPal so customers could easily check out safely and securely with a familiar/well-known system.

The new site integrates with their ERP system for order management. Worth uses the same ERP system as the other brands under Jarden Team Sports, so MethodFactory is able to leverage their experience in this area.

Abandon cart messaging was added in addition.  Also known as ‘win back’ messaging, the site admins can create an automated message to display when a shopper aborts the transaction.  Messages such as, “Did anything go wrong?” or Need assistance?” and the designated time the message displays can be pre-set by Worth’s staff. This is a valuable tool to convert shoppers who might have otherwise left, and an opportunity to assess when and why the sale was almost lost.  

Another high-level feature that was implemented is a fraud scoring service, which runs each order through a set of checks based on pre-set criteria to validate the order. If an order doesn’t make the score, it is flagged and the customer service staff can look further into it and cancel the order and/or contact the customer if/when necessary.


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