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Summer Infant

Summer Infant

Summer Infant engaged with MethodFactory because of its deep expertise in Kentico solution architecture, upgrades, and eCommerce. MethodFactory first performed a system audit to assess and critical issues that were impeding the launch, and then worked with the Summer Infant infrastructure and Marketing teams to upgrade the legacy Kentico 6.5 solution to 8.2 and implement a mobile friendly UI.‚Äč

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About Summer Infant

Based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Summer Infant is a global leader of premium juvenile products for ages 0-3 years, which are sold principally to large North American and international retailers. The Company currently sells proprietary products in a number of different categories, including nursery audio/video monitors, safety gates, durable bath products, bed rails, nursery products, strollers, booster and potty seats, swaddling blankets, bouncers, travel accessories, highchairs, swings, nursery furniture, and infant feeding products. www.SummerInfant.com

Business Challenge

The Summer Infant site was built in Kentico 6.x, with significant customization to accommodate Si’s unique business requirements and bridge gaps in the legacy platform. Because the site was fully eCommerce enabled, there were significant integration issues that had to be addressed to maintain the business processes in place to enable flow of orders from cart, through MS-BizTalk, and into MS-Dynamics ERP. The eCommerce function of the site was actively processing ~80-100 orders/day, so coordination of customer, order, and related ERP integration was critical to maintaining the flow of order, and minimize any client inconvenience.


MethodFactory conducted an initial review of the existing systems to understand current state functionality, identify risk areas, and prepare for remediation.  A test upgrade environment was implemented using a mirror of the existing site in MethodFactory’s datacenter.  With assistance from Kentico support engineers, the iterative process of sequential version upgrade, testing, and issue resolution was employed.  Because of the custom components, and architectural differences between the as-is and to-be environments, numerous issues were surface and addressed during the process.

In parallel with the site upgrade, the mobile UI and ecommerce was designed and built to deploy into the 8.x environment when the upgrade was complete.

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