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Quickie 'Cleans Up' Web Presence

Quickie, the leading supplier and distributor of innovative cleaning tools and supplies, came to MethodFactory eager to move away from their old, antiquated site to a new, modern site that better represented their brand, one that offered an easy to maintain product catalog and content management that could be scalable. 

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About Quickie

Quickie Manufacturing Corporation (“Quickie”), is a leading supplier and distributor of innovative cleaning tools and supplies since 1950 with the invention of the Automatic® Sponge Mop. Wholly owned by Jarden Corporation since December 2010 and headquartered in Cinnaminson, New Jersey with manufacturing facilities in Lumberton, North Carolina, El Paso, Texas and Mexico.  Quickie designs, manufactures and distributes over 300 cleaning products for traditional in-home use as well as commercial, contractor-grade applications. The product line include mops, brooms, dusters, dust pans, brushes, buckets and other supplies sold primarily under the leading brands Quickie Original®, Quickie Home-Pro® and Quickie Professional®.  
Quickie has over 100 product-related patents containing value-added features and innovative designs, and is the leader in almost every stick and smallware category in cleaning. Quickie’s historical success is attributable to its commitment to innovation and new product development. 


Quickie came to MethodFactory eager to move away from their old, antiquated website to a new modern site that better represented their brand.  Quickie’s vision for the new site included: improved usability, enhanced online catalog presence, and flexible content management tools to enable them to keep their content fresh.

Customer engagement was lacking on the old site, so it was important for Quickie to integrate social media to be a big part of their marketing and as a way for them better engage customers.  The new web strategy would have to include cross marketing with social sites like FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube to better connect with their customers and build brand awareness and advocacy through real-life users of Quickie products.

New features for Quickie, like newsletter sign up, product reviews, the ability to know where to buy with zip code lookup, rich media like YouTube videos, and a mobile/tablet ready site, were all included in the customer-centric vision both Quickie and MethodFactory had for building the site.

Quickie knew they needed a scalable enterprise solution, one that supported the long awaited website transformation and the growth that it’s expected to spawn. Quickie is, after all, a number one brand in stores in their category - cleaning supplies, and they wanted their online presence to mirror that.


MethodFactory implemented Commerce Server, Admin Extender (MethodFactory’s proprietary technology), and Ektron CMS as the scalable website infrastructure. 

The combination of these robust technologies allows Quickie to realize their vision. Content changes and video uploads can happen without involving a developer, having to know code or fumbling with formatting of images, etc.   Included in content management, is the ability to upload YouTube videos, useful for Quickie who has product demos and commercials for customers who would rather see how the products work rather than just read about them.

The home page has prominent merchandising zones that can rotate and be changed out whenever appropriate.  A product catalog is easy to maintain and the site’s mega menu drop-down navigation and search tool guides the customer to the products they’re looking for – whether it’s professional or household cleaning supplies.

MethodFactory added a newsletter sign-up, social media links, product reviews and ‘where to buy’ look- up to accommodate customer engagement and involvement on the front-end, as well as to provide Quickie with a way to capture and store valuable user information on the back-end, using these systems.

MethodFactory set Quickie up with Google Analytics to track site traffic and user patterns, and added Facebook Open Graph, which allows visitors to ‘Like’ items. Products, articles and other content can be ‘shared’ and/or emailed to a friend, which is just the kind of user-generated marketing Quickie wanted to make possible.   Quickie.com is now fully responsive to the mobile/tablet medium, so no matter how the visitor gets there, they will find a modern, dynamic, customer-centric website.

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