International baby care company, renowned for its developmentally appropriate and innovative products, partnered with MethodFactory to birth a new commerce site - complete with improved user functionality, back-end management and multi-system integration.

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Company Background

NUK develops and markets a full range of baby care products including bottles, soothers and weaning accessories. For over 60 years, NUK has worked with trusted experts to develop an innovative range of teats and soothers designed to model natural breastfeeding and promote healthy oral development.

NUK products have been part of babies’ everyday life for generations, and can now be found in over 110 countries. Wherever it is, NUK repeatedly sets new standards and launches products to help provide parents with peace of mind.

NUK’s production location for all teats and bottles is their very own factory in Germany and is subject to the highest quality standards and requirements.

NUK’s certified quality products are extremely popular with mothers and are used in many maternity and neonatal wards in over 200 hospitals throughout the UK.  The NUK orthodontic teat is recommended by 93% of pediatricians and 87% of midwives and is the only teat approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

Business Challenge

NUK had multiple websites and needed an infrastructure that would consolidate and streamline all of them. NUK had specific goals for their new website, both for the user experience on the front end, and site management on the back end.

NUK staff needed to be able to make content changes quickly and easily, so that their information-rich site and product offerings would stay up-to-date and relevant.  An important part of their website besides their innovative products is the educational resource it is to parents, offering information and suggestions on what products are the most appropriate for their children.

They wanted a complete eCommerce site that integrated with their ERP system, thereby decreasing manual effort to get orders processed through the system. NUK needed to be able to track orders purchased in different currencies; Euros and Pounds and needed a vendor who could help them comply with the EU Cookie law - a law that requires the site visitor be notified about the use of cookies on the site; what it’s being used for and an option to opt out.  NUK also envisioned a brand new design for their site, something clean and visibly appealing that represented their brand.

All of these changes would foster the overall company goal of significantly increasing revenue generated through the website.

Business Solution

The features and functionality of the new site support NUK’s original goals and then some. For starters, MethodFactory was able to take NUK's multiple site structure and seamlessly consolidate it into one site.

Customers now enjoy a faster, more robust Search/Find.  Products can be searched and found through site-wide filtering by category, age and brand.  The filters can stack on top of each other so that many criteria can be used at one time to narrow down the search.  The filter by age helps shoppers find the most age appropriate products for their children, helping take the guess work out of shopping and getting the consumer to the products quicker.

The product details pages are built to accommodate a plethora of rich content and advanced image presentation with color/design/swatch examples and image zoom, as well as ratings and reviews, cross product marketing and associated products, a custom wishlist and robust social media integration with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook (authentication and open graph). NUK often runs active campaigns with third party vendors and the social media plug-ins help tie them together.

Another new user-centric feature is the mini cart drop down, which appears at the upper right of the screen, no matter what page the customer is on.  The mini cart allows the customer to see the cart summary while still shopping (confirming the last item added to the basket).  Other site features include newsletter sign up, and customer account registration and profile management.

MethodFactory collaborated with Freestyle design agency for the look of the new site. Freestyle provided the design elements and MethodFactory delivered the technical implementation – resulting in a clean and appealing web presentation. MethodFactory helped NUK leverage system integration to better service orders and decrease operations costs, and built in integration capabilities using BizTalk and EDIFACT to provide future ERP integration with one of the most commonly used vocabularies for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

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