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Cokao Chocolate Company

Cokaó, a start-up chocolate company needed branding and marketing before it could launch its debut product, Cokaó#21. A niche in the food industry, Cokaó turned to MethodFactory to craft a sales and marketing message that would reflect their unique selling points to two different audiences; the end consumer and the restaurateurs who will use Cokaó#21 in their desserts.

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About Cokaó

Cokaó is a new confectionary company that is ‘redefining chocolate’ with its debut product, Cokaó#21, a gourmet ingredient that is transforming the ordinary into the decadent in both flavor and experience.

Cokaó Chocolate Company was started in the spring of 2012 by a culinary artist/restaurateur and his business partner. The two wanted to create a high-quality, European chocolate butter-like spread that could be served at the table to complement the restaurant breads, but could also be sold in cafes and coffee shops around Florida. 

Cokaó#21 blends the finest European chocolate and vanilla beans to create a rich, creamy spread that is as versatile as it is delicious. A perfect balance of sweet, salty, creaminess and dark chocolate, this all-natural chocolate spread can be used on and in many things to add rich chocolate flavor and a velvety texture.  When heated, it is transformed into Crème de Cokaó, a key ingredient used to make numerous artisanal chocolate desserts that can be served hot or cold.

Business Challenge

Cokaó, a start-up chocolate company, needed a marketing strategy and branding before it could launch its debut product, Cokaó#21 - a rich, creamy chocolate spread that doubles as a premium ingredient in a myriad of dessert recipes.

A niche in the food industry, Cokaó needed help crafting an effective sales and marketing message that would reflect their unique selling points to two different audiences; the end-consumer (B2C) and the restaurateurs who will use Cokaó#21 as an ingredient in their desserts (B2B).

Cokaó needed everything - soup to nuts - that was going to aid them in getting their name, image, message and product out to the marketplace.  Through a connection, they came to MethodFactory for all its branding needs; on and offline. With an imminent food tasting event around the corner as well as the holidays coming up, Cokaó was eager to not only have their branding done well, capturing the essence of who they are, but to have it be executed in a timely fashion.

Cokaó’s engagement with MethodFactory would be their first opportunity to flesh out who they are and what their vision is, outside of their internal staff.  While this can be a challenge for any new company, this interaction would set the stage for the direction of the project and needed to be handled with a high-level intentionality (we are talking about chocolate after all).


MethodFactory met with Cokaó while they were still in the incubation stage; doing a full assessment of the startup and conducting planning sessions with Cokaó’s proprietor and key staff. Through a series of conversations, product sampling and extensive market research, MethodFactory was able to develop a strategic sales and marketing plan, which included strategies for both B2C and B2B audiences.

MethodFactory designed a website that would paint the picture of this new niche chocolate company. The site, with its rich visual design, offers comprehensive features and benefits of using Cokaó#21 for the different market segments. It includes an easy-to-follow Recipes section with images, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section, which helps visitors get acquainted with the company, its founders and its new chocolate creation.

Because cost and ease of administration of the solution were major factors, MethodFactory provisioned the new site using Kentico CMS in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.   The initial implementation was core Kentico CMS.  Kentico eCommerce was implemented the month following to launch.

MethodFactory designed a logo that conveyed the high-end quality of Cokaó, using a rich color palette and a streamlined font, and wrote a number of fitting taglines. The taglines were narrowed down to five, and from there, the client and his staff selected one that captures the essence of Cokaó in two words: Chocolate. Redefined.

MethodFactory also designed postcards, signs and banners that will make the rounds at various tradeshows and events – drawing in patrons with a clear message and enticing visuals.  MethodFactory helped develop the sales messaging to assist Cokaó in their sales efforts to get product to market in the most effective way possible – this included an elevator pitch, value proposition and known differentiators.

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