Chaparral Motorsports

Chaparral Motorsports

MethodFactory developed a multi-functional eCommerce website for Chaparral Motorsports, one of the largest motorcycle parts and accessories dealerships in the country, enabling Chaparral to guide their customers to the products they need and want, while efficiently managing every aspect of online sales, marketing, and order fulfillment in-house.  Their online store now reflects their one-of-a-kind retail store experience.

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Client Background

Chaparral Motorsports is recognized as one of the largest motorcycle parts, accessory and vehicle dealerships in the country. Started as a family motorcycle parts business in Southern California, Chaparral Motorsports is a franchise dealer, offering Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Kymco, Suzuki, Can-Am, and Polaris ATV's and motorcycles.

Business and Technology Goals

Chaparral Motorsports' one-of-a-kind retail store is a destination for motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country, and it was important for their online store to reflect this uniqueness.  The timing was crucial, as a couple years prior, Chaparral recognized a shift in the economy and how it was impacting motorcycle dealers around the country – many of whom have since gone out of business, while others were left vulnerable. With local dealerships disappearing and others struggling to stock their stores with parts and accessories, motorcycle riders would have no choice but to turn to the Web for their parts and accessories needs.   Knowing that the deficiencies of their generation -1 website would hinder their ability to accomplish this, Chaparral was poised to invest in an infrastructure that would ensure growth during a recessed economy, while meeting the needs of their savvy customer base.

Chaparral’s main goals for the new site included:
  • Improving website merchandising - Chaparral Motorsports needed the ability to merchandise its products with related items, product kits, and customer facing displays to make it simple for customers to shop by their motorcycle type. Loading the products to the site was laborious using the first generation website, and at times, the products were not represented well because the previous merchandising tool could not handle the unique requirements for displaying motorcycle parts.
  • Improving customer satisfaction - Chaparral Motorsports’ customers are known for doing their research and making educated decisions, and therefore demand more information to make informed choices.  Customers wanted detailed images, sizing charts for riding gear, videos explaining features and benefits, warranty information and other product-related documents to help inform their purchases. Performance was also a concern for Chaparral.  The company’s first generation site response time was slow, outdated, and did not meet the expectations of consumers in today’s world of technology.
  • Creating a more streamlined checkout process with alternate forms of checkout like PayPal - It took multiple steps to checkout in the first generation site.  Forcing customers through a 5 step checkout process caused high shopping funnel abandonment, and Chaparral needed to streamline the checkout process.
  • Increasing / maximizing online sales - Chaparral estimated that with its previous website they were leaving about 30% of their online business on the table.  They have a goal of seeing that recovered, with a 30% increase in revenue over the next year.
  • Enhancing search engine optimization to increase organic traffic
  • Increasing new shoppers to 65-70% of all traffic (currently at 55%)


After an extensive search for a Web development company that could meet their needs from fully hosted eCommerce solutions to custom development, Chaparral chose MicroSoft and MethodFactory.  MethodFactory implemented Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 as its next-generation eCommerce foundation.  The project included a Sitefinity content management system, and real-time integration with Dynamics NAV and the LS Retail point of sale system that Chaparral was using.  Through the design process and initial meetings, MethodFactory proved they could deliver a product that would meet Chaparral’s expectations in quality, functionality, performance, within a defined time frame and at a reasonable cost. “MethodFactory’s knowledge of e-commerce business made them the best choice for Chaparral,” says Crystal Ashby, Marketing Director, Chaparral Motorsports. “They were able to satisfy our concerns and create a solution for Chaparral that made sense for our business.”


Chaparral Motorsports now has the ability to guide their customers to the products they need and want, while efficiently managing every aspect of online sales, marketing, and order fulfillment in a secure environment.

  • Increase in traffic and new visitors - Search engine friendly structure and optimization resulting in a dramatic increase in traffic and new visits compared to the first generation site.
  • Improved staff morale -Staff morale has improved due the ease of use that Commerce Server offers in comparison to the first generation management tool. The Chaparral team is more productive and the overall outlook of the company is confident that the site will help deliver on the goals they have for revenue growth.
  • E-commerce platform – A cohesive guided shopping experience that takes the user step-by-step from the virtual shopping floor to checkout by offering a robust home page, category browse, search/filter, product description/details, shopping cart and checkout.
  • Account management – Customers can manage their account information, including updating addresses, resetting passwords, viewing order history, and tracking shipments.
  • Product management – Chaparral can easily add/delete/edit products, including product images, pricing and other details.
  • Year/Make/Model search – Allows customers to quickly find specific products by filtering certain criteria.
  • Content management – With Sitefinity, Chaparral can change content throughout the site at the page level and add new pages, so they have the flexibility to change company policies and other areas of the website that will potentially evolve.
  • Marketing management – Chaparral management can send discounts, promotions, advertisements and personalized messages to customers based on buying history and demographics.
  • Reporting/analytics – Google Analytics provides clearer site usage analytics and reporting for tracking and supporting efforts.
  • ERP integration – Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV for total internal and external resource management.

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