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Working at MethodFactory

Located in beautiful downtown Sarasota, Florida, MethodFactory is a Microsoft Certified Partner who specializes in progressive software development using the absolute latest in Microsoft technologies. We are continually growing our client base and expanding our product and service offerings, therefore we’re actively looking to recruit talented individuals to join our strong team - particularly full-time, in-house application developers and project managers.

MethodFactory is a fun place to work, offering competitive pay and benefits. This, combined with the beautiful Sarasota area, stimulating work using leading-edge tools and technology, our strong Microsoft and Sitecore partnerships, an attractive and diverse client base, and a company that cares about its employees - is why we say we don’t have ‘job openings’, we have career opportunities.


MethodFactory is an exciting and rewarding place to work. Our employees’ well-being, both personally and professionally, is important to us and we foster that by offering great benefits, both qualitative and quantitative. We support and reward our dedicated staff with health and financial benefits, professional development opportunities, fun company activities and ample time off.

Check out some of what we offer below:

Health & Wellness
  • Group Medical Plan
  • HSA
  • Individual Medical Plan
Retirement & Savings
  • 401k
Time Away
  • Personal Time
  • Holidays
Professional Development
  • Certifications
  • Books & Videos
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Microsoft Corporate
  • Gear
  • Office
  • Food
Just For Fun
  • Family Friendly Company Outings


Imagine coming to work everyday to a vintage, San Francisco-style loft, located in sunny Sarasota, Florida (a couple miles from the beach) where: you get to work with a group of talented and fun people; your boss is one of you; your environment is laid back, casual, and creative; the setting is conducive to collaborating as a team that produces great work; and you can take a breather and shoot b-ball in the basketball hoop underneath the conference room…this is our ‘corporate’ culture.

Unique and eclectic, MethodFactory offices are located in a restored, historic 1920’s waterworks building near downtown Sarasota. The ruggedly retro, four-level building has two open lofts, red brick interior walls, unfinished concrete floors, high multi-paned windows, and an open warehouse-like ceiling.  We’ve modernized our surroundings with contemporary and comfy office furniture (the kind you’d have in your home), track lighting, colorful walls, and flat screen TVs on the walls in the lobby, conference rooms and main floor.  We've added a full kitchen where we keep sodas, water and coffee fully stocked for our employees, and food for those grazers among us.
Our culture is a foundational asset to everything that makes MethodFactory what it is.  It is the underpinning to everything we do and how we do it.  When our employees are happy, comfortable, and having fun, and creativity and collaboration are encouraged - they come to work alive and ready for a new adventure.  Their energy, willingness and desire to be here are reflected in the work they do and in turn the satisfaction of our clients, but just as important – the satisfaction in themselves.

Interested in becoming part of our culture? Check out Working at MethodFactory for more details and career opportunities.  We are hiring.

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