Creating a future in a place of the past…

WaterworksIn 2007, MethodFactory purchased the historic Sarasota Waterworks building in Sarasota, Florida to serve as the company headquarters.  The Waterworks building, originally built in 1926, is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). The building has a San Francisco loft feel to it, making for a fun and collaborative space, matching MethodFactory’s corporate culture, which incidentally isn’t 'corporate' at all.

Waterworks Building History

In 1909 Sarasota’s water needs were served by an artesian well with a set of water lines. Nearly a decade later, a destructive fire resulted in the community making the decision that a "real" water system was needed. This led to a referendum to fund and construct the Sarasota Waterworks, where pumps and a distribution system were installed to serve the growing needs of the community.  Today, the old pumps and water lines have long been replaced by modern systems at a new location. The building remained - an excellent, open-spaced structure with unlimited possibilities that, though carefully restored, retains its historical significance, one that MethodFactory is happy to preserve.

The MethodFactory Touch

 The red brick building still has an old warehouse feel and is characterized by exposed red brick walls throughout the interior, rugged concrete floors, four floor levels - two of which are open lofts, and an open ceiling with steel beams and exposed piping and aluminum ducts.  Multi-paned windows throughout the building let in an abundance of Florida sunshine and create slow-moving geometric shapes on the surfaces of the office space throughout the day.

MethodFactory modernized the building by wiring it with the latest in communications technology.  We added track lighting, contemporary office furniture, a living room-like lobby with wall-mounted flat screen LCD, colorfully painted walls, and black metal grated railings, as well as two conference rooms - one caged by windows overlooking the lower level - a full kitchen and an indoor basketball court!