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  • KENTICO 8 is More Than Just a Pretty (Inter)face

    eCommerce was a big focus for Kentico version 8. The Kentico product team relied on the user community to assemble high value eCommerce feature backlog. The results are a flexible eCommerce platform with mobile support, a plethora of marketing solutions and customizable products, to name a few. Kentico 8’s strong content management suite and new user interface brings it all to life and breathes new life into the roles involved in website creation and management.

  • Keeping it Clean - The Importance of a Clean Sales & Marketing Database

    "Keeping it Clean" - The Importance of a Clean Sales & Marketing Database The quality of your marketing list needs to match the quality of your message. Sometimes I chuckle when the mail comes to the office. The picture below is of a mailer we received at work, all on the same day. It includes names of people that have not been with our company for years, and when the Dell catalogs come in the mail, we usually get six or seven of them - not a good use of marketing dollars.

  • Email Marketing Best Practices for the New and Changing Landscape

    Email Marketing Best Practices for the New and Changing Landscape The way people receive and view emails has changed dramatically over the years. Technology is driving both the email delivery and user behavior in ways that make email communications as viable if not more so than it has been in the past.

  • Google Remarketing: Marketing to the Ones That Got Away

    Google Remarketing: Marketing to the Ones That Got Away If “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” wouldn’t the next best thing be a chance to make a good second impression? Thanks to Google remarketing - second, third and fourth impressions count.

  • Engaging Your Customers Through Facebook

    Engaging Your Customers Through Facebook You’re probably already building a community of fans & brand advocates on Facebook. Many companies large and small have had enormous success creating social buzz around their brands. For example, Mountain Dew has over 4 million FB fans – that’s a lot of loyal soda drinkers.

  • Multivariate Testing

    What is Multivariate Testing? Multivariate testing is the process of simultaneously testing different variations of a Web page, campaign, or just about any type of Web content, to determine the best performing elements and combinations.

  • Best Side By Side Counter Depth Refrigerator

    We take a view into a consumer's online and offline purchase path

  • is Now Riding on Sitecore 7.2

    Over the years we’ve had the MethodFactory website running on different best-of-breed WCM platforms, including Sitefinity, SharePoint and Ektron. Last month, we moved our site to Sitecore version 8.0; here are the primary reasons why.

  • Website Personas in the Real World

    At MethodFactory, we sell and market to two different audiences; IT and Marketing. But those two groups really couldn’t be more different. So how do you connect with each audience, using their language and addressing their interests? Personas.

  • Brand Theming in Ektron

    Earlier this summer we received a pretty simple request from a client – it was, ‘how do I present multiple product brands from within my main WCM/eCom platform?’ We created a theme-based presentation model within Ektron that has proved to work well.

  • Top SEO Mistakes Part I of II

    Top SEO Mistakes (Part I of II) You might be wondering why after all the talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’re writing yet another best practices-type article about SEO. It’s because we still see so many common SEO mistakes and want to take the opportunity to remind developers and marketers that sometimes the most simple things are the most overlooked, and you might be surprised that these same mistakes are still being made, perhaps by you. Here are the first 5 of our top 10 SEO mistakes.

  • Top SEO Mistakes Part II

    Top SEO Mistakes (Part II) This is a continuation of our Top SEO Mistakes article from last quarter, where we covered the first 5 of 10 common mistakes (get the recap here). You might be wondering why after all the talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’re writing yet another best practices-type article about SEO.

  • Customer Experience Managment

    Customer Experience Management is a continually trending term in all business centric social media sites. We want to break down a complex topic in a way that is easy to understand and digest, so that you can move from concept to implementation as successfully as possible.

  • Products That Feed

    Products That Feed What is a product feed? A Product Feed is a batched submission of product content from your eCommerce system to other eCommerce websites, aggregators, etc. Product feeds are used to enable the presentation of your product content across the other sites, resulting in either links back to your eCommerce site (a.k.a. new visitor) or submission of completed order from a partner site (a.k.a. order injection).

  • Responding to Responsive Design

    The shift from fixed-width (desktop) to responsive design has resulted in a changing landscape in user interface functionality and design, here are some general guidelines and considerations for responsive site design.

  • Looking Ahead Customer Centric eCommerce Considerations for 2014

    We like to kick-off each New Year with a list of topics that we think are important. January came & went too fast this year, so we’re a month off. To follow are the 8 areas we think are the most important considerations for 2014. In the coming months we’ll dedicate a blog post to each topic.

  • Top Industry Conferences for Web

    These are the industry conferences we’re not going to miss, and we don’t think you should either! We’ve summarized three of the “must-go-to” conferences slated for the first half of 2014 to help you decide. Hope to meet you there.