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  • Website Personas in the Real World

    At MethodFactory, we sell and market to two different audiences; IT and Marketing. But those two groups really couldn’t be more different. So how do you connect with each audience, using their language and addressing their interests? Personas.

  • Brand Theming in Ektron

    Earlier this summer we received a pretty simple request from a client – it was, ‘how do I present multiple product brands from within my main WCM/eCom platform?’ We created a theme-based presentation model within Ektron that has proved to work well.

  • Persona Management 101

    MethodFactory has been in the Web Content Management (WCM) space since its inception in 2000. We’ve seen the market evolve and mature; from rudimentary text management against a fixed menu of static pages to dynamic content management that considers the viewer (persona) and the device they’re using...