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It’s All In The Landing - Landing Page Dos & Don'ts

Landing Pages are content-focused web pages with a specific message for a specific audience.  Users are driven there via pay per click ads/sponsored links, banner ads, emails, social media, or any other online marketing channel.

Landing PagesGetting someone to your website is one thing, but getting a conversion out of them is another.  That is why it is crucial to optimize your landing pages.  This means designing landing pages to get the user to take the action you want them to take; whether it’s to sign up for something, donate, purchase or forward to a friend, etc.

Here are some DOS and DON’TS to consider when building your landing pages:

DON’T clutter the page with too much text or visual distractions

DO use headlines and headings that are clear, easy to read, and communicate the purpose of the page

DON’T hide or bury information

DO tell them what they want to know and what to do

DON’T make them work by keeping them guessing

DO have a clear call to action above the fold (before having to scroll down)

DON’T ask for too much information - only what is absolutely necessary, collect additional information another time

DO make good use of buttons and other visual shortcuts to reduce reading

DON’T sacrifice load time for graphic design

DO keep your promises

DON’T mislead

DO let them know they are in the right place by having the landing page match/tie into the ad

DON’T let anything compete with call(s) to action

DO use a lot of white space

DON’T waste people’s time giving them the wrong stuff

DO match the person’s intent – meet the expectation you set in the ad that got them there

DON’T make assumptions

DO test everything

DON’T write in complete sentences and long prose; format text for easy readability

DO establish credibility and trust using well-known trust symbols prominently like logos/brands/media coverage, policies & guarantees

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