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SLI Merchandising

By featuring the right products at the right time, you can increase average cart size, conversion rates and overall profit margins. A number or robust features such as synonyms, banners and tuning rules help visitors find what they are looking for, while brand managers and content administrators can strategically promote certain products with flexibility and ease.

Page Redirects

SLI’s merchandising console makes it easy to redirect customers to specific landing pages based on search terms. The landing pages can also be used for directing people from emails and pay-per-click advertising, which means it can be tracked in Google Analytics to measure success and make refinements.

“No Results Found” Merchandising

If a customer’s search returns “no results found,” instead of leading them to a dead end, use the No Results Found page as valuable real estate for relevant content by displaying on-sale or popular items; or items that may be related or similar. SLI’s search engine can give shoppers options rather than leaving them empty-handed.


With SLI’s reporting console, you can view shopper behavior in a myriad of ways, allowing you to view all types of valuable data from the big-picture to the granular view and everything in between.  Track campaigns, see which keyword searches are trending, plan promotions and support and improve pay-per-click advertising programs. The information you get from analytics can give you an understanding of your customers and how they engage with your site.  SLI’s intuitive reporting console arms you with the knowledge to plan and monitor your marketing campaigns and helps drive your future success.

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