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Learning Search

Learning Search is SLI’s patented technology that continuously ‘learns’ from visitors’ past site search activity and quickly delivers the relevant information customers want. Learning Search gives site admins and managers access to reports and merchandising tools to track and understand behaviors so they can anticipate shopper demand and strategically plan content.

SLI has powerful functionality like Rich Auto Complete and Search Suggestions that increase product visibility and drives conversions. Search tools let customers drill deep into a product for the details they need to make an informed buying decision. This empowers the customer, and helps build your credibility as a merchandiser.

Learning Search also enables you make non-product content, like videos, blogs and customer posts searchable on your site, bridging the gap between your eCommerce site and social media. Users can “Tweet,” “Like” and “Pin” search results, which increases visibility and drives marketing.

Learning Recommendations

SLI’s Learning Recommendations technology allows you include product recommendations throughout your site, increasing shoppers’ opportunity to view and purchase additional products they may be interested in. Product recommendations add tremendous value to your customers’ shopping experience and leverage the value of each page you display.

Showing recommendations where they will be most effective can increase the average order value, the time spent on the site and reduce bounce back rates. Recommendations can be customized per page by logic like, bought-also-bought, most popular searches, top sellers and related products by attribute.

    Increase opportunities to up-sell & cross-sell
    Offer contextually relevant recommendations
    Accelerate site sales
    Improve site metrics with fast and simple implementation

Learning Navigation

Learning Navigation is an extension of SLI’s Learning Search technology, which dynamically builds out site navigation. Learning Navigation re-ranks products based on user behavior and displays the most relevant products higher on the page, making it easier for visitors to find the products they are seeking. The consistency between search and navigation translates to a more consistent and better user experience.

SLI’s full set of features allows you to increase the number of products your visitors see and let’s them dive deep into the product details to help them in their decision making process.

SLI navigation creates search-engine friendly pages with URLs and titles that represent the content, resulting in higher page ranks and an increase in relevant traffic.

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