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SLI stands for Search, Learn and Improve, referring to the search technology’s ability to learn from users’ search behavior and continuously improve search results and user experience based on it.

SLI SystemsSLI offers numerous search solutions for enterprise businesses, including site search for eCommerce, mobile, publishing sites and more. While most search technologies rely on algorithms to deliver search results, often giving the same results over and over again, Learning Search is SLI’s ability to learn from visitors’ past search activity.  It tracks and aggregates search queries and subsequent click-thrus.  SLI can index around 5 million pages and has the tools for marketers to optimize the results in a myriad of ways.

If you’ve ever been to these sites, you’ve used SLI Systems: FTD, Harry & David, Jelly Belly, Hot Topic, ULTA, Folica, Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

SLI also offers something called Learning Navigation for eCommerce, another example of ‘Smart’ search, in which site navigation gets dynamically built out using refinements and by displaying the most relevant products prominently at the top of the page. Learning Navigation, makes for a more consistent search and navigation experience, improving user experience and often leading to more conversions.

With around half of smartphone users visiting eCommerce websites on their mobile devices, it is important that mobile platforms offer advanced search as well, specific to the mobile medium.  SLI has mobile search technology designed to be optimized for mobile attributes, like smaller screens, limited typing functionality and slower loading times.  SLI’s mobile search technology accommodates smart phones, tablets and other devices so that mobile buyers have the same great experience and conversions are not compromised.

SLI is very much geared towards user experience and gives marketers the tools to optimize search results pages using A/B and multi-variate testing. SLI’s Site Champion uses your visitor’s site behavior to create search engine optimized landing pages, which are indexed by Google and other search engines.

SLI’s Related Search tool delivers search suggestions within web portals to improve the user experience.  Giving visitors suggestions, or other search ideas they may not have thought of, helps them refine their search and more efficiently find the information they need so they can focus more on their normal business activities.

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