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e-commerce solution

  • SLI Merchandising

    Presenting products in the best way possible and providing your customers with a positive experience are critical to the success of your online retail business. SLI’s comprehensive merchandising features give brand managers leverage to promote, cross-sell, and emphasize specific products and brands through an intuitive console.

  • SLI Learning Search

    Learning Search is SLI’s patented technology that continuously ‘learns’ from visitors’ past site search activity and quickly delivers the relevant information customers want. Learning Search gives site admins and managers access to reports and merchandising tools to track and understand behaviors so they can anticipate shopper demand and strategically plan content.

  • SLI

    SLI offers numerous search solutions for enterprise businesses, including site search for eCommerce, mobile, publishing sites and more. While most search technologies rely on algorithms to deliver search results, often giving the same results over and over again, Learning Search is SLI’s ability to learn from visitors’ past search activity. It tracks and aggregates search queries and subsequent click-thrus.