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SharePoint 2013 Presentation Improvements

MethodFactory SharePoint 2010 Bigboard KioskWe're finally getting to the last list of open items from our SharePoint 2010 to 2013 upgrade. Part of that SharePoint 2013 project was the inclusion of Bootstrap to enable a fully responsive intranet presentation. Yesterday's punch list item was getting our kiosk (the “BigBoard”) into Sharepoint 2013.

In our office environment, we have a growing inventory of wall mounted flat screens that push out internal information like production schedules, deployment schedules, various metrics and upcoming event info. We maintained the graphic continuity of our public website within the intranet. The Bootstrap template sizes to the dimensions of the flat screen, regardless of the orientation (horizontal or vertical). The lower image is one of the BigBoard pages displayed on my iPad (vertical).

MethodFactory SharePoint 2010 BigboardSharePoint 2013 however, comes with significant presentation improvements. Native support of HTML5 & CSS3 means that cross browser support is now possible. The ribbon bar's code footprint has been trimmed down. And the ability to use frameworks like Bootstrap is a huge win. Other things that help the presentation side include the Design Manager, the use of design channels and the content search webpart. While this level of presentation flexibility was theoretically possible with SP2010, it certainly wasn't easy. The excessively complicated master page and CSS inventory made it difficult for most to extend branding beyond simple color themes and custom logos.

If you're looking for justification for your SP2010 upgrade the presentation improvements should be on that list.

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