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Extending Microsoft SharePoint with Ektrons DXM

As a key pillar in the Microsoft solution stack, SharePoint is often the go-to choice for web content management.  SharePoint was born out of intranet/portal needs and is the leading collaboration and document authoring platform - enabling users to effectively communicate, share information, and manage documents and projects.  However, it lacks the rich marketing and customer experience management features that its peers in the enterprise Web Content Management (WCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) spaces offer.  Ektron recognized that gap and has packaged its digital experience management functionality (DXM) into an offering that can be combined with and extend SharePoint to deliver a better customer experience.​

Key Features of Ektron’s DXM Include

SharePoint Connector – Automatically publish content across systems. SharePoint content can be published on your public-facing website.

Omni Channel – Add the ability to deliver SharePoint originated content across multiple channels; web, mobile, social networks, etc.

Marketing Optimization – Personalize and contextualize the web experience for your visitors by delivering the right content to the right visitor at the right time.  Conduct A|B and multivariate testing and apply SEO to SharePoint content for better content targeting and maximum conversions.

Cloud Manager – Launch websites and marketing campaigns in the cloud. 

Digital Experience Hub – Connect SharePoint to multiple systems, including CRMs like and Microsoft Dynamics, web analytics connectors like Google Analytics and Webtrends, and marketing connectors like Marketo and Hubspot.

So for the companies who have made an investment in Microsoft SharePoint and don’t want their need for a WCM to render it obsolete, Ektron makes it viable to continue using SharePoint for content and document management, while giving them ways to extend it - empowering them to deliver relevant marketing content, improve their customer experience, test and analyze marketing campaign performance, increase conversions, etc. - on top of a platform they already know.

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