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  • Workflow your business

    Last year, we asked a whimsical question which we found could lead to some pretty beneficial real world explorations. The question we asked ourselves is, “Can we workflow our entire company?”

  • SharePoint 2013 Presentation Improvements

    We're finally getting to the last list of open items from our SharePoint 2010 to 2013 upgrade. Part of that SharePoint 2013 project was the inclusion of Bootstrap to enable a fully responsive intranet presentation. Yesterday's punch list item was getting our kiosk (the “BigBoard”) into Sharepoint 2013.

  • SharePoint Governance = Business Governance

    A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a session on SharePoint governance at the SPTechCon conference in San Francisco. The session was presented by Bill English, the CEO of MindSharp. He’s a very impressive authority on the use of SharePoint to drive business process and is the organizer of the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in May.

  • SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Considerations

    You've been through SharePoint 2010 product demos… You've seen the ribbon bar, the improved search, the Performance Point Services, the Business Connectivity Services and the new social media functions… You can't wait to upgrade your MOSS 2007 environment to SP2010. So now what?

  • Maximize Your SharePoint Experience With KnowledgeLake Doc Management

    KnowledgeLake is an enterprise grade document management. The KnowledgeLake product suite extends SharePoint into a comprehensive enterprise content management solution, and gracefully fills in some of the gaps that SharePoint has.

  • Dispelling SharePoint’s Glorified File Share Stigma

    Dispelling SharePoint’s 'Glorified File Share’ Stigma There seems to be a widespread lack of understanding of what SharePoint is, what it can do, and how and why it might be used, especially from an end user's perspective at the organizational level.

  • SharePoint 2013 Release Preview

    The much anticipated SharePoint 2013 preview is available for download. The release will include many upgrades in functionality and organization to the existing SP 2010 features - from Excel and Access to InfoPath and PerformancePoint Services, but there will also be brand new things on top of SharePoint’s current platform. Some are being talked about and some are yet to be revealed and confirmed.

  • Future of Microsoft InfoPath

    As you may have heard, Microsoft is retiring its InfoPath electronic forms software. Microsoft first released InfoPath over a decade ago as part of Office 2003. At the beginning of this year the software giant announced that InfoPath 2013 would be the last release of the popular forms technology. But not to fret, Microsoft will not leave its current InfoPath users in the lurch while they work towards developing new forms technologies.

  • Extending Microsoft SharePoint with Ektrons DXM

    For the companies who have made an investment in Microsoft SharePoint and don’t want their need for a WCM to render it obsolete, Ektron makes it viable to continue using SharePoint for content and document management, while giving them ways to extend it.

  • Multilingual Localization 101​

    Multilingual / Localization 101​ Multilingual means more than just language translation... The Internet doesn’t have borders or the same geographic limitations of traditional brick and mortar locales, which is why if you’re not considering multilingual/localized versions of your web presence, you may be missing out on a huge market share.

  • Top Industry Conferences for Web

    These are the industry conferences we’re not going to miss, and we don’t think you should either! We’ve summarized three of the “must-go-to” conferences slated for the first half of 2014 to help you decide. Hope to meet you there.