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Google Remarketing: Marketing to the Ones That Got Away

Google RemarketingIf “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” wouldn’t the next best thing be a chance to make a good second impression?  Thanks to Google remarketing - second, third and fourth impressions count.  They count because remarketing puts your brand and your message back in front of visitors who have already shown an interest in your website, product or offering - in a highly targeted way.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing, also known as conversion marketing, is designed to deliver relevant ads to targeted audiences - people who have already visited your website, but perhaps didn’t follow through with a conversion, i.e. buying, signing up, etc.  Google remarketing helps you reconnect with these visitors through ads that show up while they’re browsing other websites on the Google Display Network.  By adding a remarketing tag (a piece of code) to pages on your website, the visitors to those pages will be added to your remarketing list, which allows for laser-focused marketing to those segments and a higher conversion rate/ROI.

What should the ads be?

Google RemarketingWhat would you say to get them back?  Or do you just want to remind them of your brand?  Your ad can be customized with a different message for different audiences, based on the pages they visited and the information collected on them.  Your remarketing can even be as precise as marketing to users who visited your shopping cart, signed up for your newsletter, requested a free demo, etc.  Remarketing allows you to hone in on users' behavior and customize ads according to that behavior.

If a landing page didn’t originally convert them, then maybe your remarketing ad directs them to a product page, a testimonial page or a free demo page, etc. You can try/test different pages and see which gets the most conversions.  In this way, remarketing is also a tool for understanding, measuring and predicting behavior to help drive the right audience to the right content, thereby shortening the buying cycle. Make sure, as with any online marketing tactic, to test, test, test!
What’s in it for you?

Aside from getting visitors back to your site with compelling clickable ads to drive conversions, the practice of remarketing gets you paying more attention to visitor behavior; mainly what pages are being visited and abandoned without conversions.  This can get you thinking about your current messaging and ways to make modifications to them to increase conversions.  And while speculation is useful, you may never know why or have control over visitors leaving. They may simply be commitment phobes or need to shop around first, which is why remarketing is useful, because you create another opportunity for them to reconnect to you.  Think of remarketing as a customer relationship management (CRM) function that can offer a credible view of prospects and customers, while giving you the tools to communicate with them.

Even if your remarketing ad doesn’t turn into a conversion or even get a click thru from the viewer, it is not a total waste.  It will still likely get impressions and be a good branding tool for you to stay “top of mind.”  Granted you won’t be able to measure the impressions that don’t get clicks, but you can at least increase your visibility.
What’s in it for them?

Remarketing ads can be a convenient reminder and/or entry point for the visitor to connect back with you, your products, services, etc. There are many reasons that they may not have converted the first time and maybe they needed an easy way back in.  Also, if they were on the fence before, your new message can include an incentive.  Their first time indecisiveness could be in their favor if you ask them back with a special promotion or discount.  Also, remarketing ads keep their interests in front of them so they don’t have to dig around and hunt for the treasure they’re looking for.  It is an easy portal back to what they are interested in.

Remarketing is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to market to your audience in a highly targeted way.  Use it to assess the current successes and short comings of your site pages as well as an opportunity to bring visitors back and turn them into happy customers.

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