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Brand Theming in Ektron

Earlier this summer we received a fun request from a client – ‘how do I present multiple product brands from within my main WCM/eCom platform?’  The example is Coleman Australia, who manages the Coleman product line along with three other named brands.

We created a theme-based presentation model within Ektron that has proved to work well.  Their single site Ektron environment is configured to present all four brand themes (shown on the right, below) based upon the URL.  The links below will take you to examples:

Ektron Brand Theming

We managed the theming using some routing logic and managed that routing using smart forms.

Route Table

We created a smart form called route table.  This includes URL, theme name, the ability to inherit the theme from a cookie (yes/no), and all associated branding files (CSS, .JS, assets, etc.).

App Settings

We created a number of app settings that we also store in a smart form library.  Those settings include theme cookie information, caching information and routing information.
The result of this enhancement is the empowerment of content administrators to extend beyond the initial website brand.
Ektron admins and designers can quickly extend core web branding for the benefit of microsites, affinity sites or any other alternately branded sites.

We think this is an elegant and simple way to extend the value of a well-designed information architecture and well-structured master page.

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