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  • Sitecore Commerce Accelerator

    The seamless integration of commerce with relevant content is driving the next evolution of modern customer experience platforms. Many organizations have embraced the user experience capabilities of leading eCommerce solutions, and are looking to take the next step and extend rationalization into their eCommerce offerings. MethodFactory has designed set of tools that fast track the implementation of fully integrated Sitecore WCM/eCommerce.

  • Admin Extender Catalog Manager

    Online product and catalog management is a daunting challenge for any company. However, it must be successfully managed for your customers to successfully find the products that you sell. Commerce Server has an advanced Catalog Manager that integrates numerous solutions to answer these challenges, and just about every other situation or obstacle you may be currently encountering.

  • Admin Extender Marketing Manager

    Commerce Server Marketing Manager allows marketers to create and customize marketing initiatives and put valuable customer data at your fingertips for maximum results and a high return on investment.

  • Admin Extender Merchandising Manager

    Merchandising Manager is Sitecore’s much anticipated and much needed replacement of the legacy Microsoft Catalog Manager – offering the same objective, but a better experience. A browser-based, end-to-end product catalog and inventory management toolset, Merchandising Manager features significant improvements in ease-of-use over the previous desktop-based toolset and leverages search and modern web management functionality. It was written using Sitecore’s SPEAK development platform and can be used on the web and on a tablet.

  • Admin Extender Customer-Order Manager

    Sitecore Commerce Customer & Order Manager makes it easy to collect and manage information related to customer service and order fulfillment. It includes features such as: 1-click ordering, guest checkout, member checkout, multi-cart, recurring orders, etc. CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) will appreciate the various applications like quick order, customer search, ability to take over a customer’s cart, and more…making their job more efficient and improving the customer’s experience.

  • Why Use BizTalk?

    Why Use BizTalk? Most companies need some form of integration; that is, they need to send information to and receive information from other systems. One example is taking orders on a web site and sending the order information to an order fulfillment system, then receiving shipment information back so that the customer can view a status on their order...

  • EDI Messaging Using BizTalk

    You’ll hear it said that BizTalk provides 'native functionality' for EDI (Electronic Document Interchange). BizTalk is built directly into the product, not an add-in, so we at MethodFactory rate this statement mostly true. EDI formats are extremely complex, and though BizTalk parses the data for you, anyone who has seen how much information is contained in one small EDI message would wonder how much a general implementation can do with the EDI material. So if you are considering using BizTalk for EDI, do not assume that the native functionality requires no additional work on your part.

  • The MethodFactory Envoy Enterprise Service Bus

    MethodFactory developed Envoy to fill a space in Enterprise Application Integration, which is needed by many of our clients for eCommerce and other systems. MethodFactory Envoy is a solution designed to route messages from one system to another through a common conduit (a.k.a. an Enterprise Service Bus). Other products exist in this space, but have grown more complicated to use and more expensive to own over time.

  • MethodFactory Commerce Server Admin Extender-2

    Commerce Server eCommerce foundation includes a bevy of Smart Client administration tools to manage customers & orders, catalog & product, and marketing & discounting functions. The Smart Tools, while technically functional, are often times not well received by non-technical end-users (Marketing, Product Management, Customer Service staff).

  • Microsoft Commerce Server Admin Extender

    MethodFactory has extensive experience with what used to be Microsoft Commerce Server, CommerceServer.NET, Ascentium Commerce, and is mow Sitecore Commerce – an enterprise level eCommerce solution. Commerce Server represents an exciting revolution in rapid time-to-market solutions for companies that market, sell and distribute their products through a website. Whether you are conducting business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) sales, Commerce Server is a comprehensive business solution product, providing a full suite of Web service applications to support the daily operations of Web-based commerce, at a low total cost of ownership.