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  • Security Bulletin SC2016-002-136135

    We are reporting an Important vulnerability (SC2016-002-136135), for which there is a hotfix available. We encourage Sitecore customers and partners to familiarize themselves with the information below and apply the hotfix to all Sitecore systems. If you’d like to receive security notifications by email, please sign-up for our security notifications list here.

  • Architecting for the Enterprise

    Not all software development is created equal. There’s a big difference between mission critical, enterprise grade software development and quick deploy/ad-hoc software development. Enter Prescriptive Architecture (PA).

  • Application Lifecycle Management

    In the software development industry we love to create acronyms. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is no exception. ALM is the approach a software development group takes when planning out and executing the various phases of software development.

  • MethodFactory Goes SCRUMing - An Insiders Look at Agile

    Agile. The word speaks for itself. In the world of software development, agile describes a popular methodology (process) called SCRUM. SCRUM is the contrasting methodology to the traditional Waterfall method. There is ongoing debate in the software development industry as to which method is better; we posit that neither method is superior, and that a methodology should be applied based on the context of a project and the client’s needs.

  • Resetting the Bar - Changes to the Microsoft Partner Program

    The Microsoft Partner Program has changed to the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and it’s much more than a semantic name change. The changes, which completed in October of 2011, are intended to better align partner focus, thereby clarifying offerings for customers. With its new structure and considerably more stringent requirements, the MPN has reduced its Microsoft Gold Partner count by about half, while increasing credibility and legitimacy among those partners that meet the new requirements.

  • Importance of Planning in Software Development

    In the IT/software development industry, a project and its level of success is only as good as its planning phase. We have always put a lot of emphasis on the planning phase of our projects; it’s the 'Method' in MethodFactory. There is something to those clichés about planning, like, “measure twice, cut once;” “plan the work and work the plan;” and “ready, aim, fire.” We’ve heard so many stories of clients who were missing the upfront planning and the consensus needed at the beginning of a project, instead taking a ready, fire, aim approach - losing a lot of time and money circling back to fix a project or start it over from scratch because it was too broken.

  • Top Industry Conferences for Web

    These are the industry conferences we’re not going to miss, and we don’t think you should either! We’ve summarized three of the “must-go-to” conferences slated for the first half of 2014 to help you decide. Hope to meet you there.