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Ektron Makes Major Strides with its New V8.5 Release

Ektron version 8.5 is being considered the most significant release in Ektron’s history.  With a sleek new user interface design, improved developer efficiency and enterprise scalability, Ektron v8.5 is empowering businesses to effectively manage their websites, while keeping costs down and productivity up.

Ektron v8.5 is a leading Content Management System (CMS) solution designed with both the technical and business/marketing user in mind.  Ektron v8.5 makes it easier for developers to do their jobs, therefore keeping production costs down and enabling business people and marketers to leverage content and focus on what they do best - without the common throes associated with content management.


New Workarea:

The Workarea interface has a modern design for an intuitive user experience.  The newly designed Action Bar makes authoring and editing faster; and the now standardized navigation menus, buttons and other interface elements ensure a more consistent experience throughout.  The result is a better optimized, more intuitive interface that allows users to be more productive.

Framework API:

Developers of all skill levels are enjoying the simplistic, consistent and discoverable set of functions and methods in the new Framework API.  The new framework, with its test-driven development process, drastically improves developer productivity, and when combined with new support for Microsoft LINQ, websites can be designed using a fraction of the code previously required to accomplish the same work.


Ektron’s new site Search brings new features that include faceted navigation, dynamic search, relevancy tuning, federated search, automated query suggestions, search analytics reports, and more.  Now based on the Microsoft Search Server, Ektron site Search offers extensive scalability; scaling to tens of millions of items including web content, rich media, meta data, digital assets, and MS Office documents.

3-Tier Architecture:

Ektron is the first enterprise .NET web content management vendor to deliver 3-Tier Architecture. Ektron can now be deployed in a manner consistent with enterprise software deployments – for maximum scalability, reliability, and security.


Ektron significantly enhanced its Localization capabilities.  Developers can now choose “fallback” languages – those languages that are the next most popular in a given region – when content isn’t available in the selected language.  Other managed assets can also be localized, including Office documents, images and multi-media. The export of translation packages improves turnaround time and workflow efficiency. Custom locales and “pseudo localization” (hypothetical localization), give developers the flexibility they need to meet localization needs.

Templated Server Controls:

Templated Server Controls allow developers to fully control the markup output of an Ektron 8.5 .NET Control. The Templated Server Controls are designed using model view controller, where the view is separated from the control logic, allowing developers to style the output of a control as needed.



Ektron 8.5 is optimized for speed, with Performance improvements including 33 percent faster page rendering and a substantial decrease in CPU utilization and memory usage.

User Interface Controls:

Ektron 8.5 User Interface (UI) Controls are new building blocks for developers to rapidly construct user interfaces. The UI Controls are built using jQuery and .NET, and bridge the gap between jQuery developers and .NET developers. New Ektron UI Controls in 8.5 include: Date, Input, Text, Button, and Label.

Web Analytics:

The Analytics Provider in 8.5 now supports Webtrends and Omniture SiteCatalyst, in addition to its pre-existing Google Analytics support. New in Ektron 8.5 is the Site Overlay view, a visual representation of Analytics data directly on an Ektron page.

Content Targeting:

The Ektron Content Targeting PageBuilder widget now allows users to target content based on user form submission data.

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