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  • Ektron Makes Major Strides with its New V8.5 Release

    Ektron version 8.5 is being considered the most significant release in Ektron’s history. With a sleek new user interface design, improved developer efficiency and enterprise scalability, Ektron v8.5 is empowering businesses to effectively manage their websites, while keeping costs down and productivity up.

  • MethodFactory Builds New Site on Ektron 9

    Every couple of years we redesign and re-architect our public facing website. We do it primarily because we get bored of looking at it, and often times as a way to try out something new and different. This summer, we did it again...

  • Persona Management 101

    MethodFactory has been in the Web Content Management (WCM) space since its inception in 2000. We’ve seen the market evolve and mature; from rudimentary text management against a fixed menu of static pages to dynamic content management that considers the viewer (persona) and the device they’re using...

  • Extending Microsoft SharePoint with Ektrons DXM

    For the companies who have made an investment in Microsoft SharePoint and don’t want their need for a WCM to render it obsolete, Ektron makes it viable to continue using SharePoint for content and document management, while giving them ways to extend it.

  • Website Personas in the Real World

    At MethodFactory, we sell and market to two different audiences; IT and Marketing. But those two groups really couldn’t be more different. So how do you connect with each audience, using their language and addressing their interests? Personas.

  • Brand Theming in Ektron

    Earlier this summer we received a pretty simple request from a client – it was, ‘how do I present multiple product brands from within my main WCM/eCom platform?’ We created a theme-based presentation model within Ektron that has proved to work well.

  • Multilingual Localization 101​

    Multilingual / Localization 101​ Multilingual means more than just language translation... The Internet doesn’t have borders or the same geographic limitations of traditional brick and mortar locales, which is why if you’re not considering multilingual/localized versions of your web presence, you may be missing out on a huge market share.

  • Top Industry Conferences for Web

    These are the industry conferences we’re not going to miss, and we don’t think you should either! We’ve summarized three of the “must-go-to” conferences slated for the first half of 2014 to help you decide. Hope to meet you there.