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Sitecore Commerce Quick Start

SitecoreMethodFactory’s Sitecore Commerce Accelerator is the foundation for our B2B and B2B eCommerce implementations. We developed the Sitecore Commerce Accelerator to integrate with the Sitecore Web Accelerator for Web Content Management. It includes all of the traditional web content management and marketing automation functionality that we would put in place for standard public facing web, available for merchandisers and marketers to take full advantage of, including search, responsive design, and modern responsive page templates.

MethodFactory AcceleratorIf your focus is on a product catalog, or an eCommerce site that you want to upgrade or re-platform, Sitecore Commerce Accelerator extends and enhances Sitecore’s eCommerce platform, providing your customers with a friction-free, and intuitive shopping experience, and you with the tools you need to deliver that experience time and time again. The Sitecore Commerce Accelerator includes:

  • Product Catalog – browse, search, filter
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout, Security & Payment, Shipping
  • My Account


The Sitecore Commerce Accelerator has different multi-use product presentation components, which can be assembled on to a page to allow marketers build a page for displaying one or multiple products based on criteria that they can set, like: on sale, or close-out, or brand filtered. The products can be displayed as a carousel, grid or any number of presentation formats. Other product detail features and functions include:

  • Product images: can include multiple images, exploding images (zoom over), 360 degree images, badge overlays (sale item, new item, etc.), the ability to manage the product variants like color, price, size and have the corresponding images display
  • Ratings & Reviews (managed internally)
  • The ability to associate PDF spec and tech sheets with the product display
  • Enhanced Search: manage product search summary and presentation based on categories and faceted search; filtering by variables like, color, rating, price, badging (on sale, clearance, new, top seller, etc.) and dynamically sorting, paging and updating the results.
  • Video


  • Add/edit/delete items from the cart and to dynamically present corresponding images inside the cart
  • Estimate shipping costs
  • Apply coupons to get price total before proceeding to checkout
  • Present marketing copy inside the cart based on what is known about the customer. Example: $15 off if your order is $75 or more, etc.
  • Abandon Cart engagement plan that allows merchandisers to reach out or “win back” customers that change their minds mid-stream and abandon their cart. This can be customized and configured


  • Checkout: Create a simple one-page checkout or multi-stage checkout based on configuration, we can include anonymous guest check out
  • Shipping: Commerce Accelerator integrates with UPS, FEDEX and USPS for shipping merchandise.
  • Security & Payment: Credit card processing through Cybersource and Fraud detection and address verification through Cybersource and QAS. PAYPAL checkout is also included as a payment option in the Accelerator


  • Manage profile information
  • Manage multiple addresses
  • Change/reset password
  • View order history
  • Track shipping
  • Email sign up
  • Wish list


  • Speed to Market – From concept to launch in as little as 8 weeks
  • Fixed base pricing
  • PCI compliant architecture
  • Cloud hosted or on-prem

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