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MF Accelerator Concept

MethodFactory AcceleratorSitecore Content Management and Sitecore Commerce provide a powerful combination of world-class content management coupled with enterprise-level ecommerce capabilities. Working together they provide a solid foundation on which to create a sophisticated ecommerce web application. The MethodFactory Commerce Accelerator builds on this foundation by providing the core functionality necessary to implement a successful ecommerce web site. It includes all of the traditional web content management and marketing automation functionality that we would put in place for standard public facing web, available for merchandisers and marketers to take full advantage of, including search, responsive design, and modern responsive page templates.

Sitecore Content Management and Sitecore Commerce provide a business with all of the B2C and B2B tools and potential required to build a successful ecommerce offering. MethodFactory Commerce Accelerator realizes that potential through a set of pre-built, template assets and services that provide a significant jumpstart to the development of an ecommerce web site. It does this through:

  • A fully-functional Product Catalog with browse, search filtering and faceting
  • A ready-to-use shopping cart with a Wish List
  • Checkout, Security & Payment, Guest and Registered User Checkout, and Shipping
  • A full-featured My Account section for registered users

MF Accelerator Goals

The main goal of the MF Accelerator is simple: to jumpstart the development of your enterprise ecommerce web site by providing out-of-the-box features designed to shorten time to market. 

Save Time
The MF Accelerator is designed to shorten time to launch without sacrificing quality or flexibility.  It includes a library of WCM and Commerce components that will accelerate the back-end development cycle and a number of layouts and templates designed to be the foundation for your customized user interface. Together they provide a solid base on which to build your unique ecommerce site. 

Reduce Risk
The core framework of the MF Accelerator handles the heavy-lifting of ecommerce including product browsing, searching and display, cart and checkout, and user account operations. These components can be customized as needed.

Future Ready
The MF Accelerator is built on Sitecore and Sitecore Commerce using industry standard MVC and Responsive Design technologies. Since it is built on top of the core Sitecore technology base, your ecommerce site can take advantage of the recommended Sitecore upgrade path as new Sitecore features are released. 

The MF Accelerator has the core functionality required by most of our customers out of the box. Since it is built on top of Sitecore and uses Sitecore’s features, it can be customized through the standard Sitecore administrative tools. For example, the text of various buttons as labels through the site can be changed without having to engage the IT department. If the provided components do not quite meet business requirements they can be extended as needed.

The layouts used in the MF Accelerator follow responsive design principles. This allows pages to reformat based on the viewport size of the device used by the customer. The Accelerator includes 3 breakpoints for device sizes which can be customized if desired.

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