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KENTICO 8 is More Than Just a Pretty (Inter)face

Kentico 8’s first impression is a good one. But so is the second, third, etc…

eCommerce was a big focus for Kentico version 8. The Kentico product team relied on the user community to assemble high value eCommerce feature backlog. The results are a flexible eCommerce platform with mobile support, a plethora of marketing solutions and customizable products, to name a few. Kentico 8’s strong content management suite and new user interface brings it all to life and breathes new life into the roles involved in website creation and management.

Kenitco 8 DashboardWhat’s in an Interface?

Kentico developed a clean and uncluttered user interface, free from the barriers that may inhibit ease of usability. They’ve traded the superfluous for the meaningful, making for not only a more pleasant experience, but a more efficient workspace. They got rid of those extra aesthetic elements that didn’t serve a purpose, like gradients, shadows and certain colors, and added elements that serve a functional purpose like new typography, clear colors and identifiable icons. All of these changes support their philosophy that ‘Good design is invisible,’ as they believe you shouldn’t lose sight of what you’re doing for the sake of design.

New Navigation

Out with Site Manager and in with Administration.  Kentico used the ideas and suggestions of its users as valuable insight for the redesign of navigation.  The first screen after log on is role-specific, providing your personal dashboard with what you need to carry out your tasks. And by using vertical tabs and only showing current level of navigation at one time, it leaves 20% more onscreen real estate. More space to do what you need.

New Help

Kentico 8’s new Help is contextual, giving you information for quickly and easily performing tasks in the application you are currently in. Documentation has been rewritten to be more task and user-oriented, including step-by-step guides that lead you to your desired results. And one Help icon in one location across the system keeps in line with the new simplicity of design.

Other new features based on customer feedback include:

  •     Personas –Generic content is going by the way side. Relevant and personal content is resulting in more engagement with customers and better ROI. Kentico’s built-in Personas allow you to tailor your message to specific audiences so that your connection with your visitors can be as varied as they are, as well as high quality.
  •     Better online forms – Kentico 8 gives non-technical users the ability to create and publish online forms. Forms can be customized to capture valuable data from visitors; forms like event registrations, job applications, surveys, and order forms. Data can then be exported to Excel for sales and marketing use.
  •     Discount enhancements – Online shoppers are comparative shoppers by nature because of how easy it is to search for the best deal. Stand out by offering them the best value with a variety of discounts and promotions. The rules-based Discounts module in Kentico 8 allows the admin to create special offers either using pre-defined rules or creating custom rules.
  •     A/B testing improvements – A/B testing is the quantitative research marketers have been hungry for. Real-life test results tell you which page variations are most preferred by your visitors. Once those have been identified, you can optimize those preferences to help drive conversions.
  •     Product variants – Stand out to your customers by knowing what they are looking for and by offering better product choice. With Kentico 8’s eCommerce solution, you can customize product variants to meet their needs.
  •     Social marketing – Integrate your company’s social presence into your website by easily and automatically posting on Twitter and Facebook without any additional work.
  •     Checkout process customization – The checkout is the most important part of an eCommerce site, yet is often the most neglected.  The rate of abandoned carts during the checkout process is an opportunity to adjust the checkout process to increase conversions. With Kentico’s eCommerce solution, you can customize the checkout process for your customers by using different scenarios.

Kentico has raised their own bar, so users can raise theirs, by offering the tools necessary to accomplish your website and online marketing goals without the convoluted excess that has frustrated so many of us for so long.

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