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  • Commerce Server Admin Extender

    Commerce Server eCommerce foundation includes a bevy of Smart Client administration tools to manage customers & orders, catalog & product, and marketing & discounting functions. The Smart Tools, while technically functional, are often times not well received by non-technical end-users (Marketing, Product Management, Customer Service staff). The Smart Tools also open up more access to the Commerce Server application than is typically desirable for non-technical end-users.

  • Sitecore Commerce Quick Start

    MethodFactory’s Sitecore Commerce Accelerator is the foundation for our B2B and B2B eCommerce implementations. We developed the Sitecore Commerce Accelerator to integrate with the Sitecore Web Accelerator for Web Content Management.

  • Sitecore Commerce 8.0

    Sitecore launches Sitecore Commerce 8.0, the rebirth of the original Commerce Server

  • KENTICO 8 is More Than Just a Pretty (Inter)face

    eCommerce was a big focus for Kentico version 8. The Kentico product team relied on the user community to assemble high value eCommerce feature backlog. The results are a flexible eCommerce platform with mobile support, a plethora of marketing solutions and customizable products, to name a few. Kentico 8’s strong content management suite and new user interface brings it all to life and breathes new life into the roles involved in website creation and management.

  • Sitecore Commerce Accelerator

    The seamless integration of commerce with relevant content is driving the next evolution of modern customer experience platforms. Many organizations have embraced the user experience capabilities of leading eCommerce solutions, and are looking to take the next step and extend rationalization into their eCommerce offerings. MethodFactory has designed set of tools that fast track the implementation of fully integrated Sitecore WCM/eCommerce.

  • Admin Extender Catalog Manager

    Online product and catalog management is a daunting challenge for any company. However, it must be successfully managed for your customers to successfully find the products that you sell. Commerce Server has an advanced Catalog Manager that integrates numerous solutions to answer these challenges, and just about every other situation or obstacle you may be currently encountering.

  • Admin Extender Marketing Manager

    Commerce Server Marketing Manager allows marketers to create and customize marketing initiatives and put valuable customer data at your fingertips for maximum results and a high return on investment.

  • Admin Extender Merchandising Manager

    Merchandising Manager is Sitecore’s much anticipated and much needed replacement of the legacy Microsoft Catalog Manager – offering the same objective, but a better experience. A browser-based, end-to-end product catalog and inventory management toolset, Merchandising Manager features significant improvements in ease-of-use over the previous desktop-based toolset and leverages search and modern web management functionality. It was written using Sitecore’s SPEAK development platform and can be used on the web and on a tablet.

  • Admin Extender Customer-Order Manager

    Sitecore Commerce Customer & Order Manager makes it easy to collect and manage information related to customer service and order fulfillment. It includes features such as: 1-click ordering, guest checkout, member checkout, multi-cart, recurring orders, etc. CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) will appreciate the various applications like quick order, customer search, ability to take over a customer’s cart, and more…making their job more efficient and improving the customer’s experience.

  • Sitecore® Launches New eLearning Courses for Business Users and Marketers

    Company Also Offers Sitecore Professional Developer Certification Exam Without Requiring Sitecore-sponsored Training.

  • Where Do You Score With Online Fraud Prevention?

    In a 2013 report from CyberSource, it was estimated that the total U.S. online revenue losses reached $3.5 billion dollars. This number represents just how clever criminals have become in their techniques. The types of fraud are increasingly more complex and difficult to catch. One of the most leading edge solutions for effectively averting online fraud is Order Fraud Scoring.

  • Commerce Personalization

    More customers are not only embracing personalization, but have even come to expect that a commerce site knows a little bit about them and can help make their shopping experience better and more efficient.

  • CS09 Performance Enhancements

    Often site visitors just ‘Browse’ a site for content/products and the experience is considered simple. However, that simple experience requires significant complexity in code. Part of the anticipated site visitor browse experience is: Filtering, Paging, Sorting, and Ads.

  • Commerce Server Gets New Owner, Revitalization

    Ascentium plans to take Commerce Server forward from where Microsoft left off – developing and marketing future editions of Commerce Server to mid-market, Fortune 2,000 companies.

  • Tokenization Vouches to Better Secure Personal Data

    Tokenization is the name of a type of data security technology used to safeguard sensitive data online, like credit card, bank account, financial, medical, and other personal information. In the world of payment processing or the payment card industry (PCI), it is a top priority to protect personally identifiable information (PII), not just for the customers’ peace of mind, but also to comply with preset industry and government standards.

  • Products That Feed

    Products That Feed What is a product feed? A Product Feed is a batched submission of product content from your eCommerce system to other eCommerce websites, aggregators, etc. Product feeds are used to enable the presentation of your product content across the other sites, resulting in either links back to your eCommerce site (a.k.a. new visitor) or submission of completed order from a partner site (a.k.a. order injection).

  • Customer Experience Managment

    Customer Experience Management is a continually trending term in all business centric social media sites. We want to break down a complex topic in a way that is easy to understand and digest, so that you can move from concept to implementation as successfully as possible.

  • Looking Ahead Customer Centric eCommerce Considerations for 2014

    We like to kick-off each New Year with a list of topics that we think are important. January came & went too fast this year, so we’re a month off. To follow are the 8 areas we think are the most important considerations for 2014. In the coming months we’ll dedicate a blog post to each topic.

  • Multilingual Localization 101​

    Multilingual / Localization 101​ Multilingual means more than just language translation... The Internet doesn’t have borders or the same geographic limitations of traditional brick and mortar locales, which is why if you’re not considering multilingual/localized versions of your web presence, you may be missing out on a huge market share.

  • MethodFactory Commerce Server Admin Extender-2

    Commerce Server eCommerce foundation includes a bevy of Smart Client administration tools to manage customers & orders, catalog & product, and marketing & discounting functions. The Smart Tools, while technically functional, are often times not well received by non-technical end-users (Marketing, Product Management, Customer Service staff).

  • Microsoft Commerce Server Admin Extender

    MethodFactory has extensive experience with what used to be Microsoft Commerce Server, CommerceServer.NET, Ascentium Commerce, and is mow Sitecore Commerce – an enterprise level eCommerce solution. Commerce Server represents an exciting revolution in rapid time-to-market solutions for companies that market, sell and distribute their products through a website. Whether you are conducting business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) sales, Commerce Server is a comprehensive business solution product, providing a full suite of Web service applications to support the daily operations of Web-based commerce, at a low total cost of ownership.

  • Sitecore Acquires Commerce Server

    If you’re here reading this blog post, you probably recently learned that Sitecore has acquired the Commerce Server eCommerce platform, and you may be wondering what it means to the Sitecore roadmap and to the future of Commerce Server...

  • Multivariate Testing

    What is Multivariate Testing? Multivariate testing is the process of simultaneously testing different variations of a Web page, campaign, or just about any type of Web content, to determine the best performing elements and combinations.

  • Top Industry Conferences for Web

    These are the industry conferences we’re not going to miss, and we don’t think you should either! We’ve summarized three of the “must-go-to” conferences slated for the first half of 2014 to help you decide. Hope to meet you there.

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